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How to write an attention grabber?

Asked by PacificToast (1605points) February 20th, 2010

I need to write an attention grabber for my essay on justice and how there are no gray areas. The book I’m writing from is To Kill a Mockingbird. Any ideas?

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Maybe sth like…

“Black and white. That’s all there is. Gray cannot be accepted.”

grabbing enough? If not then srry…

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Black is the absence of light. Gray, therefore, has some light in it.
okay, I suck at this

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SEX. Now that I have your attention…

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Boo! Scary Details of a Flawed System. play with it. it’s a winner

ps…how many of you know that Robert Duvall played Boo Radly in the movie?

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@Mike_Hunt id give that essay an A++++++ for originality hahahahaha :D

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Guilty as charged!

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Is justice really blind or does it ensure that the privileged and connected receive leniency while the unprivileged and marginalized go to jail?

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Wait… What is your thesis, exactly? Do you need help developing the topic or do you need help presenting it in an interesting way.

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@PacificToast – You’ve been given all good opening lines. If it’s just for a school assignment, then just use one of them (I like Mike’s! But sorry, Mike, it’s hardly original). This is a skill that writers need to develop for every story that they write. And bear in mind that a writer writes an attention grabber mainly for the sake of the editor who has a million manuscripts on his slush pile and has to be compelled to read past the first paragraph of yours. So pretend that your professor is an editor that you’re trying to sell your manuscript to…

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Why do you need an attention grabber? Is it a requirement as part of your essay? Attention-grabbing magazine-article leads do not usually have a place in an analytic or expository essay, which has a different structure.

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“There has never been a grey”
“Justice is made of only two colors”

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“There are no grey situations, only indecisive people”.

Note: I totally disagree with the statement above, which, by the way, would make it a great attention grabber.

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I would start a book report about To Kill A Mocking Bird like this: “This is a book about cats”. That will get their attention.

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“It wasn’t me.”

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What about starting with a question?

“What color is justice?”

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You have to get them with the title and first sentence.

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