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Why doesn't show up in Bing's search results?

Asked by willbrawn (6606points) February 25th, 2010

I like Google and all but I am trying to get away from using it for all my internet needs. So I use Bing as an alternative.

When you search “Fluther” or “” you don’t get a link to Fluther, why is that? Are they just not advertising with Microsoft?

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Because Microsoft is inferior, and Bing is doomed to failure in the shadows of Google…

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because they both answer questions…competition simply

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@lilikoi have you actually used Bing? Kinda of an ignorant comment.

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@running4ever5 and what does your answer mean? “because they both answer questions”

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Because Bing sucks.

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@willbrawn not really…i’ve used it and still prefer Google…plus anything Microsoft produces is a copy of anything else. Take Computers for example. Apple created the personal computer and because it was so new at the time, prices were expensive. All Microsoft did was make it affordable, which is the reason why they are more popular.

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@willbrawn AND if you have watched tv in the last year or so, all Bing advertises itself as, the first ever Decision making engine and Fluther helps you make decisions so the two sites are very similar

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When I search for Fluther on bing on my iPhone I get the iPhone fluther page as the top result. Exactly what I want. I don’t see the problem.

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@running4ever5 And if Microsoft had never come, we would all be stuck with over priced pieces of… Mac-n-trash.

@willbrawn although you have to jump through hoops, you can see fluther on bing. I searched for fluther, and it recommended flute. I chose to show just the results for fluther, not flute. I then saw the iphone version of fluther, like @Lightlyseared said. I then added ”-iphone” to the search and I found the page, which can get you to the main Fluther homepage.

Bing is more for the common man’s needs. It doesn’t see fluther as an actual word, so it shows flute, which is a much more likely search query. Google is much more lax about this and better with suggestions.

Hope this helps.

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Fluther is just too awesome for Bing.

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You know Bing might assume that if you typed “” then you already know the web address and are more interested to find other stuff related to it.

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If you search for ”fluther tap the collective” on Bing it will provide you with as the first result.

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I had this same issue today! Pissed me off, too. Thanks for asking this question. :)

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