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McCain or Clinton and why?

Asked by Riser (3485points) March 5th, 2008 from iPhone

I am not asking who you support but who you think will win and why. Of course we want our ideal candidate to win but do you believe that’ll necessarily happen?

I believe Hillary will win because she’s a smear campaign master and will focus all of her efforts, now that Barrack has pretty much lost his position, on McCain’s conservatism.

The only weakness Hillary has is she’s paid so much attention to attacking Obama that she is quickly running out of time, giving McCain that luxury to build his own battle.

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For those interested I am voting for Oprah.

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Obama isn’t out of it yet. Yesterday didn’t help her much with the delegate count.

I think Clinton or Obama could beat McCain. McCain is just to closely associated to Bush and Iraq. And his age might hurt him too.

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that’s interesting because the media here painted an “obama crushed” image.

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Obama leads the delegate count and has won far more states than Clinton. Where she has an advantage is with her ties to the Democratic party establishment, the so-called super delegates. They could choose to go all back-room on the people and install Shillary into power, or they can go with the will of the people and back Barack. We’ll see.

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Anyway, to answer the question, if it’s a choice between McCain or Clinton…I’m writing in Obama.

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“she’s got the DNC on a string. Sittin’ on the white house. Got that string around her crazy little finger….”

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I’m still pulling for the McCain/Paul ticket.
even though that’ll never happen. :/

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Obama . A vote for John McCain is vote for taking away more lives in Iraq and going into more wars. A vote for Hilary is a vote for someone who is willing to every tactic required to win. A vote for Obama is vote for someone for change.

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mccain. No expainations just mccain

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I miss Ron Paul in those debates

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obama will also bankrupt us.
also, obama doesn’t have stances. on anything. he’s anti war, but doesn’t have a plan to get us out. he’s pro healthcare, but we can’t pay for it. he wants to do things, but doesn’t know how. his cabinet would be running more of the country than he would, and since we have no clue who that would be, why should we vote for him? especially when his cabinet will probably be made up of veterans from washington. is that really change?
at least with mccain we might have a slim chance of Hope and Change for the future. and that slim chance would be paul. but, since that chance is infinitesimally slim, we have no real “change” candidate.

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We should revisit the question.

McCain or Clinton and why?

I am not asking who you support but who you think will win and why. Of course we want our ideal candidate to win but do you believe that’ll necessarily happen?

We aren’t doing a good job of answering the question. Riser doesn’t want to know who we want to win.

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Obama, why are you surprised by media commentary, “crushed”.

Though I am voting for McCain.

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Between those two choices I think McCain wins. If Obama (my choice) is the nominee vs. McCain, a certain portion of the republican base stays home in November. If Clinton is the nominee, they ALL turn out to vote against her. A vote for Hillary is the best way to insure that the republicans keep the White House.

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McCain. More experience

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@breedmitch, You hit the nail on the head. A McPain/Shillary match up favours the Repubs. A McPain/Okarma matchup favours the Dems.

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There was a reason why Limbaugh urged Texas Republicans to cross over and vote for Clinton yesterday and you nailed it.

Link to CNN article about it.

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Thank you John for bringing this back.

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Um, Obama…

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Forest Gump for me.

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Clinton would lose to McCain, since she’s offering the same thing (experience), just less of it.
McCain would lose to Obama, since he’s offering the same thing as Clinton (experience), just more of it.

Also, Obama will win, because he offers an alternative, and his demagoguery is magnificently done, when well scripted. Because not enough people will research him thoroughly enough, by sheer appearance he’ll win.

McCain might have stronger policies, connections, and ideas, but Obama’s superior speeching skills will allow him to win.

Also, the psychological aspect of appearance alone is undeniable; Obama also has a stronger, more lively exterior. how could he lose against an old man, even if he is a war hero?

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People harp on how Obama is “only” able to give a good speech. That’s probably the most important aspect of being president, the Bully Pulpit! If the president can inspire the people behind an idea, they will make sure their representatives in Congress get with the program.

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I think Obama will win. Out of McCain and Hillary I think Hillary would win. Though I am voting for McCain.This country wants a Democrat for sure. The more change in our leader the better is the opinion of our citizens but once again not my opinion I will vote McCain because he in my opinion is the lesser of the evils to pick from.

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Right now Obama has a sufficient lead in delegates that even if Clinton wins every remaining primary by a 60% margin he’ll still have more committed delegates than she does at the time of the convention. Clinton’s only hope is that she has more support among the Democratic party machine and she can try to use that to sway the superdelegates to vote for her. It’s likely that if she’s successful, she’ll still manage to do significant damage to the Democratic party as a result of the infighting.

I think that Obama is likely to beat McCain, if only because the electorate at large is unhappy with Bush and it’s very easy to paint McCain as a Washington insider who just offers more of the same. Hope is very potent, and Obama’s the best of the three at offering hope. On the other hand, Clinton is going to be in full attack mode, directed at Obama, until the campaign, and it’s hard to predict what this will do to his standings.

On the other hand, if Clinton manages to secure the nomination, I think the win will go to McCain. Clinton has ticked off enough people in her own party; they will just stay home, or go to the polls and vote for someone else. The center of the spectrum will probably break for McCain, as he seems like a moderate conservative who’s worked his way up, while Clinton seems like an ideologue and a party apparatchik who got where she did mainly through the benefit of marriage and carpetbagging. And the young voters that Obama has inspired with the notion that things can be different and politicians can be answerable to the voters will see Clinton as proof that Obama was wrong and stay home in droves.

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Go to and read the archives there. It doesn.t matter who is elected because it isn’t going to help you nor me. There is also at play, VOTE SCAM, which is done by useing the PROGAMABLE Diebold voteing machines and has been going on since Johnson was made President. Then for fun go to www.don’ and see if you should even waste time voteing.

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