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People who like Glenn Beck. Define: Socialism, Marxism, Stalinism?

Asked by tripe (146points) March 12th, 2010

No one else just you.

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Are you kidding me?

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Shoot, I don’t follow him in any way but to marvel at the power of propaganda. And I’ve studied marxism, socialism, stalinism.

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Do your own work ;)

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From what I’ve seen on another site they just don’t know. Only one got it near to close out of 13.

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That is funny. Come on GB fans don’t knock each other over with your answers.

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@ragingloli I damn near pissed my pants looking at that.

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I stopped watching Glenn Beck when he went off CNN and went to fox news(I lost access to him then because I didn’t get Fox news…I still watch his clips on John Stewart’s “the Daily show”)… I define Socialism, Marxism, Stalinism as what a Socialists, Marxists, Stalinist’s calls themselves… So I think that they are words that we don’t understand…Russia used to call itself these titles and Canada is supposed to be Socialist… But like my Political Science prof told the class “people don’t even know what the word Democracy…let alone what any other ism means but they think they do” My prof went on the say that even profs do not know exactly what these words mean Its all different pop culture definitions. I don’t even know what Marketing is even though the teacher kept asking over and over and never telling…. I was told that the higher you get in education the less convictions your supposed to have… It’s where you stop caring and start listening.

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@talljasperman Good man, staying away from FOX.

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I don’t know who this GB is, but I was brought up to believe in the real socialism, not the perverted forms that are currently using that name. Unfortunately, it requires a complete change of paradigm for people to be able to live in a true socialist society.

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I think most of them define it as anything they themselves don’t personally agree with, even and especially if the majority wants it that way.

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