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Whats your favorite thing to do on a Saturday morning?

Asked by Cheeseball451 (775points) March 13th, 2010

You have to do something every Saturday morning, what is it?

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Sleep in. Casually wake up, make breakfast, and lounge in my pajamas while drinking coffee and watching tv. This is my most usual Saturday morning routine.

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I am not a late sleeper, so thats out. i do not read the newspaper, since its filled with bad news, so thats out. i am not a creature of habit, so i guess making a pot of great coffee and a doughnut is it. yeah, you knew i would say a doughnut, didn’t you? cops love doughnuts and i guess thats a creature of habit.

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In Winter up early, make coffee, play poker on-line, Fluther. Jump Ms Monk’s bones.

Summer, wake up early, coffee, hot tub, breakfast on patio, fluther, Jump Ms Monk’s bones.

Rather sweet day if you ask me.

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LoneMonk, a lot of jumping going on in your house, right?

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Sleep in a little, roll between the sheets, and have bacon and eggs for breakfast while reading the paper. Heaven.

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Gradually wake up with some coffee and light music. Make breakfast. Go outside and find a nature trail or lake to stroll around, taking my camera with me. That’s my ideal Saturday morning.

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Coffee,oatmeal,paper,walk,leap tall buildings in a single bound…not necessarily in that order ;)

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I’m at it as we speak.

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I usually go to church on Saturdays, but I didn’t go today so my routine was
– Wake up at 7:40, because that’s like the time I go to school..
-watched TV until like 11:00 or something then I in between I eat my breakfast
-later I started cleaning my room
– after that I took a quick shower
– facebook, went to meet my friend and we were Skatebording

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Just lay around and type on Fluther and surf the web and think, “I’m so glad I’m not at work right now”

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Do just what I’ve done. Make a big breakfast, go through my emails. & play on fluther & FB. This afternoon isn’t going to be so enjoyable. I gotta scrub the bathrooms. :-/

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Drink coffee with my husband while we discuss politics, love, the world, our hopes for the future, annoying people we work with, and our future DIY home remodeling projects.

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It really depends if anyone sleeps over or I have work commitments but if I’m on my own I’ll get up about 10.30 ‘ish’ shower, feed the cats, cook an all day English breakfast drink a couple of mugs of coffee get dressed then go in the garage & mess on with my cars for a few hours :-/
Today I had work so was up at 04.30 :-/

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Lets see wake up make coffe and be on Fluther!!

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Sleep in a little later than on weekdays and then relax as much as possible, chill out with my man maybe or, if he’s not available, relax in my flat with my dogs watching a film or catching up on the TV I don’t watch during the week. I try to make as few plans as possible for the weekends. If something comes up unexpectedly (ie: I’m invited out with friends or something similar) then great but I don’t like to jam my weekends full of activities leaving me no time to chill out before going back to work on Monday.

I will sometimes do a bit of housework.

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Make coffee and read.

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Nothing. And that’s just how I like it.

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Sleep until Saturday afternoon….

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Wake up slowly with a piece of human anatomy hanging in front of my face but, as my eyes widen to see such a thing, I notice the tray, with bacon steam rising above the poached eggs nestled on lightly toasted bread. What’s that? A cup of coffee letting some of its own steam rise to the ceiling. I give the piece of anatomy a gentle kiss, promising more to come as I rise to attack this most wonderful meal prepared without me having to lift a finger. Of course, after it’s all over I know the dishes will be waiting. Aw well!!!!!!

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On saturday morning i wake up at 9 00 am, and then i go to the market to help my mom selling household chemicals. we sell TIDE, ARIEL and local products. it is in Almaty, Kazakhstan. i stay there for the whole day..we talk, eat and work…we go back home at 19 00 pm.

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