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Do you watch TV in the morning, and if so, what do you watch?

Asked by jca (36043points) June 28th, 2012

Do you watch TV in the morning? If so, what do you watch?

I watch The Today Show.

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Not really, I’m still sleeping. I’m a night owl, so I usually stay up all hours of the night. I sometimes don’t wake up until late afternoon.

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I always watch the breakfast news show on our public broadcast channel, the ABC. They actually have news and political discussion and also include a lot of world news. I am a bit of a news addict. So my husband and I have a cuppa while we catch up on what’s been happening while we were asleep and then ready for work and off we go.

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I watch the news and weather. Usually Cbs.

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I used to watch the Today Show, but I really do agree with the network’s sentiments about Ann Curry. I am one of those who quit watching when she became an anchor. I usually fall asleep with the TV on and dozing off with the Hallmark Channel set to Golden Girls means I wake up with Lucille Ball!

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As a principle I don’t watch tv before 7 pm, with very few exceptions such as major disasters like the one in Japan or when important soccer games take place before 7 pm.

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For me it varies from day to day.

If I was up at 8 AM tomorrow, I’d watch a What On Earth feature on monster waves topping 100 feet.

At 9 AM I’d check out The Snow Devils- “Sinister snowmen from the faraway planet Aytia set out to wreak havoc on Earth”.
After my curiosity about how campy and unintentionally funny TSD was, I’d watch Leave It To Beaver.

At 10 AM I’d probably watch a program on extreme weather.

At 11 AM I usually watch the news.

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As I’m getting ready for work, I watch FBI Files. Cold Cases, Medical Detectives whatever is on that day (on cable). I also watch the news. I can’t get ready w/o the TV on.

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Weather channel, then usually CNBC for business news.

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I watch the Today Show also. I just saw some five year old kid meet the NY Yankees and ask Derek Jeter to get him some cold water, and Derek did! It made me smile.

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I watch the local news show.

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I do, I usually just watch whatever channel I fell asleep watching. Usually I’m watching Nick at Nite when I fall asleep, so in the summer it’s whatever little kid show is on Nickelodeon when I wake up. For some reason though, I fell asleep watching Disney Channel last night (I’m guessing there was nothing on, I was busy straightening my room so I wasn’t really watching) and when I woke up, there was a show about singing potatoes with British accents on. I’m not kidding. They were singing about imagination.

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I don’t own a television.

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@digitalimpression Wow! You don’t? How come?

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@Yeahright Online I can choose what to watch, watch 90% of it commercial free, and I don’t have to pay for cable. It’s a win all the way around for me.

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I usually just watch the morning news on NBC. I also like the Today Show, but I’m up too early to watch it.

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I don’t own a TV either. Mine is provided by the Dept. of Corrections. ;-)

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Usually, but not always.

When elections are coming up, and when I say coming up I mean 2–4 months before a big election, I watch Morning Joe in the morning. Even then, I am kind of half watching, and half doing other things around the house.

Otherwise, I watch something I have recorded on DVR.

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The local weather segments on the Today Show.

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No. I too don’t watch TV, and am not a news hound at all.
I make a cup of coffee and glance at the headlines on my homepage, usually read nothing unless it is a major disaster, and then I log on to fluther for about an hour while I am waking up.

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I watched The Today Show since the mid-90s, though I’ve just recently switched to Good Morning America the past year. I like their energy and I really like George Stephanopoulos. Josh Elliott is some eye candy too. What a cutie! I don’t sit and watch the entire show, but I do have it on in the background and pay attention to the segments that interest me.

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I don’t even get up in the morning, unless there is a good reason for it. Today, for instance, I am getting a new furnace and air conditioner unit installed to replace the original one that was came with the house when it was built, 40 years ago.

I don’t usually turn on the TV until the news comes on, at 5 and 6, and then I usually turn it off until the 10 and 11 news.

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I do not watch tv.

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I do not watch tv in the morning, except for the Tour de France, which takes place in the afternoon in France, but the morning here.

Sometimes I will watch it in the evening, but rarely. Mostly I watch in on the internet, which begs the question, am I still watching tv if I am watching the internet? If so, what makes it tv?

By the way, I do not apologize for going off topic. I think this was an interesting aside. Sorry this question was in general. Flag me. Go ahead. Fucking flag me!

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LIke Matt, I associate TV with the evening and if I watch, which I do less and less often, I start at 7:00 when I get on the treadmill.

However, I listen to NPR on PBS off and on daily.

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My partner records the Daily Show and we watch it in the morning while getting ready for work.

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Local news and weather..then Fox for the truth in the news. . Then it’s usually some programes I had DVR’d the night before.

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I do watch TV in the morning, mostly to watch the news.

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Not in the morning, not in the evening….ain’t we got fun?

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Before I cancelled the cable service, I would watch the BBC News reports first thing in the morning. Now, I just check the news reports on the internet.

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I work from home and usually have the BBC News Channel on in the background.

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I wake up at 2 or 3 in the afternoon. No morning tv for me.

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I often watch the previous night’s episode of the Daily Show or the Colbert Report with breakfast. On my computer. Ditto for endless re-runs of Arrested Development, Bored to Death, or Spaced.

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No, I listen to music in the morning.

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I DVR The View and usually watch it at some point during a coffee or lunch break.

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Only when there’s something special happening, like today’s Supreme Court decision about health care, a special parade or sports event and, sometimes, Sunday’s discussion programs.

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I listen to the local CBS affiliate news program while I am getting ready for work. I don’t get to “watch” most of it since the TV is in another room.

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Ill usually sporadically watch Imus. It provides an overview of The most relevant news stories as well as usually interesting interviews in more time and depth than the usual other AM shows like Today or GMA.

Then its the previous nights reruns of The Daily Show and Colbert Report.

After that The View and depending on the topic,sometimes The Doctors. Keeps me up to date on medical news and info.

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If I turn it on I watch the early news programs on the cable news channels.

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I sleep with the television on and whatever channel I fall asleep on, I always seem to wake up to infomercials and paid-programming. But if its a product I might be interested in, I’ll keep it on while I’m getting ready.

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I watch the local news, Sportscenter, and then possibly a bit of the game shows that are on if I am not due to be somewhere.

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I like to watch TV while I eat breakfast. I always flip to HGTV HD and watch whatever is on.

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