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What do I do about this guy?

Asked by rentluva5256 (555points) March 17th, 2010

I really like this guy, and just when I thought he couldn’t get any better, he told me that he write songs! I mean, come on. How much better can you get. He said he was going to show his song notebook to me today in class. So, today, before class started, I asked him if he brought his notebook and if I could see it. He said that he had brought it, but he would show it to me later. Well, later came and I asked again, and then he smiled and said, “Later.” Well, later never came after that and the block ended and he left. He seemed like he was in a hurry. So what the heck? What do I do about this? Please help.

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Lay off asking. He’ll share if and when he is ready to do so.

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well, maybe “later” never came because he really likes you too. If he writes all these lyrics, its probably something really personal, and probably doesn’t show it to many people. Many times i have written thins, poems, essays, papers, and think its kick ass ( i love to write) but sometimes it almost embarrasing, i would say to show others. maybe not embarrasing, but you get nervous, kind of like those people who have great voices, but are very shy, and dont like to sing infront of others. i think we feel this way because because no matter what we think , we are arfaid to be judged. Maybe he’s thinking, “what if she doesnt like it?” “what if she thinks im suck!” so just give him some time to till he mentions it again or till he is ready to open up.

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You don’t need to do anything. He changed his mind about showing you the songs; he likely changed his mind about you in general.

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Don’t do anything. He’ll show you when and if he’s ready. Maybe he got nervous, as it’s such a personal thing.

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Maybe he doesn’t really have a book of songs. Or maybe he has lyrics about some other girl. Or maybe he didn’t have time. Or one of the other reasons people mentioned.

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I think its maybe personal and some could maybe be about you cause maybe he likes you. So I think that he would be embrarrassed.

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Why do you have to keep pushing him to show you? He will if he feels like it. meanwhile, you pushing is not real attractive.

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Don’t keep asking the poor dope. You’ll sound like a nag, he’ll end up writing another song and get people to sing it and you won’t like it.

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It sounds like he chickened out.I wouldn’t ask him anymore.

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I could be wrong, but it sounds like he’s teasing you a little. (I don’t mean in a sexual way.) If he doesn’t show you his songs, you have a reason to want to see him again. He smiled, which is good. I wouldn’t say anything for a while about the songs. Give it a week or so and ask in a very light manner if he’s ready to share yet. Don’t push him.

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Yeah, honestly he just wants to know how interested you are and TRUST ME, he’s loving the attention. God knows, maybe he does not even have a notebook :) Guys say stupid things all the time and don’t realize you want them to come up with proof!

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“There’s this girl
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I want to do her!

It’s not a crush
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