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Anyone out there that schedules regular all-nighters, as a productivity tool?

Asked by freckles (363points) March 25th, 2010

I am seruiysly considering scheduling one all nighter a week as a productivity tool, and a way to simply have more time. There is too much to read, learn, accomplish and enjoy to include in my normal waking hours. I see a regular all-nighter as a real treat. Anyone else think along these lines or have a similar habit? If so I’d love your tips on implementing this.

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I stay up all night on a regular basis, probably two or three nights a week. Of course I can sleep during the day if I get sleepy. Don’t listen to me; I’m nuts.

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That is not a bad idea as I am barely sleeping anyway.

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I think if you feel the need to do this you should review how you manage your time and see if you can make better use of your normal waking day. Staying up all night will not be pleasant nor productive as you more than likely will be fatigued and not enjoy your time as much as if you were rested.

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all nighters are no good….. You actually loose productive time instead of gaining because your mind tends to shut down at night unless you are used to staying up. I have been working night shift for almost 8 years and I still have problems really producing at a time when your body needs to be sleeping.

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if you’re tired, without the aid of stimulants, go to bed. otherwise have at it, I’ve done some of my most erudite work between midnight and 0400. Granted, by noon I’m done in terms of any serious work, but as I’ve accomplished the serious stuff that morning so it’s not relevant. In terms of just experiencing life, I’ve always found it better to get to bed early and be up before the sun, I find I get a lot more random stuff accomplished and have more outward drive. Guess it comes down to what works best for you in your situation. Can’t say I have any tips other than listen to your body.

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I do it almost every night, which is no good for my health, but it’s out of necissity rather than choice…too much material to study.

On the other hand even if there isn’t anything specific to be doing, I just sit around on here, play games or just drink all night long. I’m gonna die before my time through extended sleep deprivation. My eyes are burning right now haha.

But yes, it’s often a good tool, but it does come with side effects.

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No. I pulled all-nighters throughout college and medical school, and every 4th night on call as a resident. I’m “all-nightered out” at this point. I need my beauty sleep! :-)

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