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Have you ever met anyone on fluther who you have taken a shine to?

Asked by slick44 (3808points) March 29th, 2010

Have you ever come across someone that you find extremly nice, or that you feel you have alot in common with? Someone you would like to meet? Maybe get to know better?

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Oh Yes. There are several I would like to meet as friends, one I would like to be more than friends

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Well, I’ve taken a shine to @dpworkin’s baldy pate, but I don’t think that’s the kind of shine you mean!

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there are a few that are very nice and seem like wonderful people.

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Yes, there are quite a few I’d like to meet.

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Yes, there are a bunch of really cool people here that I would love to have as real life friends.

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I think that there are some very nice people here.
I have different things in common with many of our folks.
Would I like to meet them?
Some of them yes, I think so. Maybe….

I have a crush on one

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As friends, I guess it’s safe to say that I’d love to meet and hang out with EVERYONE in my fluther. As more than friends, it’s too late for that. I’m happily married.

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SO when’s the meetup?

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There are some wonderful people on Fluther that I would be proud to know and count as friends in “real life.”

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Yes, there are several on here I really like, but since I’m very married and very happily so, the probability of ever being able to do anything about it approaches zero as a limit. : )

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Some people on fluther are pretty awsome, and having them as actual friends out of it would be awsome. As for more than friends, I don’t quite know bout that, but i’m open to ideas! :)

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So when are we going to have the fluther jam?!

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* sigh *

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Sure! I think most people here would be fun to meet up with.

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@Zen_Again Haven’t seen you around much lately! How you doin’, chaver? A zissen Pesach to you.

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Sure, lots of people here would be fun to know in person. When is the Fluther get-together?

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probobly be better than an answerbag get together. It was easy to get into arguments on answerbag. Especially in the politcal and religious discussions. Easy in here too but seems to be more people willing to hear a difference of opinion.

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Yes I have. Many of them, in fact, and I’m still holding out hope that the on again, off again talk about a Fluther convention might actually become a reality someday.

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@janbb And to you too and all of those who are celebrating today. :-)

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Yes, me and jeffvader get a long really well, we seem quite alike in a lot of ways. Nothing romantic though, we both have our own loves.

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Oh, yes. Several I have on FB, some I email & IM with, some I talk to on the phone. There’s a lot of people here I’d love to meet.

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@Dibley I think we could have fun in the real world too, nothing romantic as you say, but I do like to give people hugs :)
& I’d like to meet Arisztid, he seems a proper, decent chap!

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Absolutely. It’s great to have friends like these. I have one friend that we are planning to eventually meet.

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@JeffVader Well, we are not too far away.

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@Dibley Thats very true…. not much more than an hour & half I recon.

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@JeffVader & @Dibley veddy interesting. :D

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I would like to meet most of the regulars – even those who I butt heads with, The exceptions are those who are crude or bigoted. There are also one or two who I feel sure that I would really like – get on well with. Perhaps one day I’ll meet some of them – I have met people from other forums over the years.

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By the time I can afford a car,
most the internet population will have probably forgotten what IRL even stands for!

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I’d be willing to hostess a Northern Cal. meetup perhaps at some point in the future.

I am always open to meeting fun new people.

So far I am not too involved so have only exchanged a few notes with a few others.

Perhaps I will extend an invite to a few when I figure out what month I may throw another outdoor party this summer.

The more the merrier, just have to be up for live music, fun under the stars and not be afraid of the burning goose, who wanders the party in his firey orange Lei! :-)

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Meet me halfway; do it in Japan?

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There are a few that I would love to meet! :)

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Haha…well..I was just in Taiwan last month, did a flyby over the coast of Japan. lol

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Mr. Shiny Shoes, of course!

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I have a few Fluther crushes and have connected with some pretty cool people, so, yes.

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@ChazMaz .. Really? how intresting.

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I am taking a shine to you. You make me laugh. :-)

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Easy answer: Yes.
<4 to some and <3 to others and xo to one.

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Danny Torrance,amazing.

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@AstroChuck I think Augustlan has him – err, all tied up.

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I have absolutely taken a shine to several Jellies.

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yes, indeed :-)

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@ChazMaz .. your looking pretty shinny yourself. :)

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I would love to meet many of the people I see on Fluther, and most wouldn’t be injured.

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@janbb- Alright! A threesome!

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The chat rats are definitely top on my list.
Just noticed your topics. Attraction? Yeah.. you could say that.
There aren’t many people that I wouldn’t want to meet up with. EAST COASTERS. What’s up?
Basically, I love people and I love you guys.
I want to party with all of you.

Quite a few jellies have me on Facebook and stalk me on Tumblr, too. Fluther is full of hotties.

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Heh, yup.

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@Zen_Again, break my heart again, honey!

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tinyfaery for sure. :)

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Sure have.

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Even though I’m still new here, sure…why not? And I’m certain that as time goes on, my answer will be an unequivocal yes. Fluther seems to be full of interesting people.

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@MarcoNJ… good for you, just hope they shine back.

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I would probably happily sleep with multiple Fluther users if the opportunity arose.

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@beautifulbobby193 ,,, really? where do you live?

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OK… OK… Cougars get back in your cages.

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Uk… Is that too far away?!

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@ChazMaz…. you no i only have eyes for you.

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Hell yes!!! Although I’ve only exchanged a few words with a few people, I’d love to meet and get to know them! Too bad I’m not 18 yet so I can’t…sheesh, MOM! hehe just kiddin!

Anywho, one of these days, VA will be the place to party for Fluther :P

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@Chongalicious Virginia is a party with or without the rest of Fluther. I’m here!

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@rangerr Me too! Yes!! VA is the best lol we need to set things up! :P

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wow… interesting answers, that fun huh? well I guess prolly because I haven’t been around too long to develop such feeling :)

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