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How do you bake chicken?

Asked by erikaerika (28points) April 6th, 2010

like for how long & do i have to pan fry it first..or what?

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in the oven at 350 degrees F until all the pink is gone from the bone… usualy a few hours…

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No you don’t have to fry it first.
I bake uncovered in a 350° F oven.
If the chicken is whole then it might take longer.
It is done when the joints move freely and there are NO pink juices. If you have a instant read thermometer then use that.

Season it before you bake it.

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okay sooo that takes hours for a whole chicken & like what..30 minutes for some chicken breasts?

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Weigh the chicken. Allow 20 minutes per pound of weight, plus 20 minutes extra, at 375F or 190C. If you’re covering the chicken with foil, take the foil off for the last half hour (or longer – I actually generally don’t cover it at all). Before putting the chicken in the oven, spread butter over the breast and legs, and if you can get a knife in under the skin, putting the butter between the skin and the meat is even better. It keeps the meat moist. Season with salt, pepper, garlic, herbs, whatever you like, before cooking.

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I always use a glass pan, cover, and bake at 350 for 1.5 hours. There are a hundred different ways to make it more than plain baked chicken.

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Start with these instructions. It’s a basic recipe for cooking a whole chicken.

I’d also suggest you visit All Recipes and search for “baked chicken” or “roast chicken.” Choose a recipe that isn’t complicated to start with, has good ratings (at least 4 stars), and read the reviews others have written. A lot of the reviews will have tips on how to improve the recipe, make it healthier, or make it simpler. You can even search for the part of chicken you have, like a whole chicken or breasts or drumsticks, but you’ll find that a lot of the recipes for “parts” are interchangeable as long as you adjust the cooking time.

If you don’t have a meat thermometer, pick one up. They are inexpensive and will prevent you from undercooking the chicken or overcooking it so that it’s dry.

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My method probably won’t work for you.

I wrap the chicken in foil, with veggies, a little butter and some wine or lemon juice, and bury it in the coals of my firepit for 1–2 hours.

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A couple of chicken breasts? peel back the skin, stick some lemon slices under there, or some rosemary, or some thin slices of garlic, or some bacon, and sprinkle with salt. Pull the skin back over that seasoning; stick the chicken in an ungreased glass or steel or enameled pan, stick them in a 400 degree oven for 10 minutes to brown them a little bit, add a little bit of water or stock or orange juice or white wine, cover the dish rather loosely with foil, turn the oven down to 250, and go do something else for 40 minutes. If you forget to come back right away, don’t worry too much, it’s a very slow oven. After awhile, unless you went way out in the garage or over to someone else’s house, the smell will tell you it’s done. You should also have made some rice. That’ll be in your rice cooker smelling good as well.

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Well, If you’re starting with a whole chicken, you need to remove the (kinda sounds gross) organs from the cavity.

I always wear latex gloves for this part. Once that is done, rinse the whole chicken under cool water and put it, breast side up, into your favorite baking pan.

(I put my seasonings in a separate small bowl first before beginning.)

With the gloves still on, I season mine liberally with my favorite seasoning (Lawry’s, garlic and Herbs D’Provence) both on the top of the skin, and underneath the skin on the breast.

Bake at 350 for 1 hr and 15 minutes or until the juices are clear. Let cool for about 15 minutes before serving.

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in an oven at 375 deg F. Measure internal temperature of meat with a Chef’s Instant Read Thermometer. ..when it reaches 160 deg F, it’s done. let rest for 10 minutes outside of oven before serving.

As for stuffing or seasoning, it depends on your taste.

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It doesn’t take hours, and I would remove the chicken from the oven when it has reached 150 degrees, and allow it to continue to cook outside of the oven until it reaches an internal temperature of 160.

A very simple, and delicious recipe is to wash and dry the chicken, salt and pepper it inside and out. Stuff the cavity with two lemons which have been punctured all over (you can do this with the tines of a fork)

Now roast breast down for 15 minutes at 350, on the left side for 15 minutes, on the right side for 15 minutes, then finish it breast side up at 400 degrees until the thermometer reads 150.

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i read this as:

“how do you bake kids”


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I use nearly frozen chicken thighs.
I lift the skin and slide pads of butter between the skin and the meat.
I bake it at 350 for ½ hour, then add bbq sauce, and continue baking for 45 more minutes.

Very easy, and very tasty.

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wtf @ebbflowexplode hahhahhh i eat babies

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