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What is the deal with Wal-Mart going retro with their store brands ?

Asked by Pretty_Lilly (4655points) April 7th, 2010

My parents told me when they were growing up in the 80’s,grocery stores did not carry store brands but generic brands instead. The packaging was usually plain white with just basic black lettering, it was considered much lower quality & if you brought it to school,you would definitely be ridiculed.
A few months ago Wal-mart changed their store brands to a more basic,less fancy packaging similar to the old generic brands. Is there a reason for this ?

PS:I have no desire to hear from the bitter weirdos and their cornball BS !! e.g “Food is food,what difference does it make,just be happy that you have it !!

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I thought they just changed their packaging. We use A LOT of their brand of goods. I see no difference in quality.

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Wife and i buy a LOT of groceries at WalMart. i understand exactly what you are talking about. we have noticed this, also. my only theory is that it costs less to print something in black and white, rather than in color. is this saving the customer money? i doubt it. it may be saving WalMart money. i have tried many of these black and white generic products at WalMart. many of them are not bad. lets face it, its the same as the brand name, only labeled differently. i compared waffle syrup, as an example. same bottle design, same identical ingredients, just a lower price. the bar code numers were not identical and that understandable. they really do not want the consumer to know its the same product. good question. john

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I think the standards today state that they HAVE to be as good in quality as the name brands. I know that’s how it is with prescription drugs. The only two things I found several years ago that was the exception to the rule was generic brand OJ. Ooohh, was it bitter! And Ranch salad dressing. It was grainy & nasty. Some things, you just HAVE to have the name brands.

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Actually, a relative of mine who managed a grocery store told us that the ‘store brand’ was made by regular brand companies. It maybe cheaper but in reality it was no different from the brand name goods.

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@rahm_sahriv Yes, that’s what I always understood, too.

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Brand name products are costing too much. WalMart is pushing more generic shit.

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Store brands have improved a lot since them, and people are much less status-conscious in today’s economy.

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If the Wal-Mart packaging is anything like the Wiki page you posted, it looks like they’re using packaging reminiscent of the Dharma Project.

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What @rahm_sahriv said ”‘store brand’ was made by regular brand companies…”

Many of those generic brands are identical to the name brand item sitting right next to them. Made and packaged by the name brand company, but sold to Walmart at below wholesale prices (due to volume selling), allowing Walmart to sell them cheaper than the name brand item.

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It is now cool to be frugal. I remember having to wear jeans from Kresge’s- ooh, the shame!!Actually not, my friends were in the same money group.

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