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Advice on cracking paint?

Asked by Sophief (6681points) April 8th, 2010

Me and partner are decorating at the moment, but the paint seems to be developing spider cracks. We have sanded the walls and used primer, but when we put the final coat on, we get cracks.

We have tried different rollers. We have tried different methods of applting the paint. We are using Farrow and Ball, which we thought was a good make.

Any ideas?

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@Dibley Sounds like you painted a latex or water based paint over an oil based enamel. My guess anyway—to fix you may have to sand and apply a primer. Then you can put on the final coat.

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@Tropical_Willie You can paint latex over oil, but not the opposite, with the exception that oil based primer (Kilz) may be applied over latex.

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Try this on a small area. Sand until the spider cracks disappear, put a coat of oil-based Kilz over what you have done, then when that’s dry apply your top coat (which may be oil-based or latex). There is a telephone number on the paint to call if you have problems; see what they tell you.

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I have had exactly the same problem with farrow and ball and it seems to be quite common since they stopped making oil based paints and moved to water based. Read this and this one too

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