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What is this song that has "Whoa oh oh whoa-oh" in it?

Asked by bostonbeliever (383points) April 11th, 2010

That starts every chorus, it a refrain of that “whoa oh oh whoa-oh, oh whoa-oh oh oh whoa-oh oh whoa-oh” or something like that, and then that part is followed by something like “how i fight” three words.

It sounds kind of African like drums and voices, but I couldnt tell if they sang in African on verses cuz it was on a bus.

Please help me Fluther?

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Care to record an audio of you humming/whistling it? Might be helpful.

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All I can think of is Lady Gaga’s Poker Face, but that’s not really ‘African’.

Then again, I’m not sure why you’d be hearing African music on a bus.

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That sounds horribly similar to “Tik Tok” by Ke$ha, minus the African elements.
That song really is the bane of my existence.

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Is it Single Ladies by Beyonce? The part starts at around 0:42

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it’s definitely something kinda recent, cuz my teammates on my track team were playing it and lots of people recognized it, and i dont think a lot of them listen to QMS.
not Ke$ha or Gaga. It’s a guy singing it. I’d record an audio but idk how

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Actually, I’m pretty sure you mean Use Somebody by Kings of Leon. The second verse begins “Off in the night” which sounds like “how I fight,” or whatever. Listen from here and wait until the lyrics resume.

Edit: Never mind. Seems like a lot of songs sound like this.

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Oh my goodness I’ve always loved that song. XD
You might be right.

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not Use Somebody, not Tarzan Boy, but thanks/.

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it’s definitely not a white guy singing, like that sounds dumb but you can tell if a voice belongs to a white guy or black guy, right?
i’m pretty sure he was black.
and it sounded like tribal drums in rhythym, and it was multiple people singing the “whoa’s”

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I think songs have started with variations of “woah-oh-oh-waoh” since some primate figured out how to make that sound.

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If you’re sure it’s tribal sounding, I can think of a few possibilities.

Rusted Root wrote a lot of songs like that, along with Paul Simon (on his album “Graceland”) and, more recently, the band Vampire Weekend.
I can’t really name specific songs. They’re all white guys. XD
But I swear, I always assumed the singer of Rusted Root was black,

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to the five people currently observing, lol
would you please try to help?

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is it a fast or slow song?

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Could it be Fighting Gravity’s forgotten (track 3 on that album)?

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nope, sorry, but thanks.
it fits the criteria i know

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Could it be Wesley Carr’s “Feels Like Whoa”?

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Or how about the Black Eyed Peas’ “One Tribe”?

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What about Put a ring on it by Beyonce? If that’s not it it’s still worth watching the video.

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yuck such a bad song @worriedguy sorry not it/
not One Tribe either.

i think the four words at the end of the “whoa“s are “the way you fight”

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and also, it’s a GUY who sings it.
no women allowed :P

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@loser i like that song thanks for putting it on, never heard it before.
but that’s not it.

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Is it “Get off my foot you fucking dopey mule” by Randolph Scott.

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@ucme So far, I think I can rule out Whisting Jack Smith’s I was Kaiser Bill’s Batman

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is it a song they play at sporting events to rev up the crowd? it sounds just like the one i have in mind. noo idea what its called or who does it because i never noticed any words to it.

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@filmfann I’m getting an error i’m afraid but I get your drift.

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What genre would you put it in?

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recent songs, i’d say beyonce and keisha. older songs, video killed the radio star is coming to mind.

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“Sunchyme” – Dario G?

Either that or the song they sampled it form which is “Life In a NorthernTown” by The Dream Academy

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I know the song you are talking about!!! I can’t think of the name or band.

After the first chorus it goes into this verse: “we were born out in the desert, we were raised out in the sand. Never saw another creature, we are from a foriegn land” or something like that.

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@silence04 THE THERMALS – “now we can see”
Totally obsessed with that song for the past week!!!

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old song…..Journey’s Lights

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The song you want to hear is “Bad Romance” by Lady Gaga

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Trinity by paper tongues?

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K’naan – Wavin’ Flag!!!

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yeah so thanks to all you guys who tried to find the song.
for those of you who didn’t read all the information I supplied about what I heard and just put down songs that had “whoah oh oh” in them, thanks for wasting my time.

I found out from a classmate at school.

The song is what I posted right above: Wavin’ Flag by K’naan. It’s the theme song for FIFA coverage, and y’all should listen to it cuz it’s mad good.

Peace :)

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its bon jovi “livin on a prayer”, i think…

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shyne sings this song whoa oh oh oh sing me a wobbly de de de de me oh oh sing oh oh I was born in a hot deasert oh oh , lol something like that right??????

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thank you so much, i have been looking for the same song for like a week

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This one drove me crazy as well. You gave a perfect description, and the answer is…...Some Nights by Fun.

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@cortes Amazingly, Some Nights by Fun fits exactly with the description in the OP. Unfortunately, the song was released 2 years after the OP.
I am beginning to think my time machine has been carjacked.

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Bro Hymn nofx

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Finally Some nights is the name of the song i was looking for

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The one I have been looking for all along is “Paradise” by Coldplay, but in the search there are a few others. “Some Nights” by Fun and “Love Like Woe” by The Ready Set. Hope this helps – otherwise, call your local radio station and try to hum it out and maybe someone will recognize the tune. Good Luck!!

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Pour it up by Rihanna?

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Waving flag by k’naan

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I know exactly what song your thinking of. I had the same problem too. It’s “waving flag”

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How about Pompeii by Bastille

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What about Some Nights by Fun?

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Under The Bridge Lyrics
Lyrics from <a href=“”></a>

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