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Is Super Smash Bros Brawl the best game for the Wii?

Asked by angrysun (32points) March 9th, 2008

I just want to know other people’s opinions because I already know how much I love this game.

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YYYEEEEEAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!! I’m asking for it for my B-day.

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Super smash bros. brawl is supposed to be the most anticipated game for wii.

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it is. Period.

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It’s pretty damn cool, but it’s really all about what you intend on doing with your Wii. If you enjoy having a bunch of buddies over to play some games, then Smash Bros. is the perfect game for you! But I must say, the single player action is good, but not fantastic, and the fights get a little repetitive. For single player games, I’d go with something a little more Mario Galaxy/Metroid Prime 3/Twilight Princess-ish.

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that a galaxy

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Living on an island, I haven’t yet been able to get a copy, but i’m greatly anticipating getting it. From what i’ve heard, the only way to get the full experience of game play is having friends to play with, which shouldn’t be a problem with the opponents available on wifi. Unfortunately, the Subspace Emissary got worse reviews than expected, but what really gets me excited is the new techniques as far a battling. Alot of my battling style in Melee is built upon dodging, jumping and meteor smashes, all of which are being elaborated on in the new system, so hopefully that’s going to take serious brawling to a whole new level. Also, people are saying unanimously that you should start the game with a Gamecube controller, and ease into a set of wii controls that are more advanced, because the wiimote setup is too awkward to start out with.

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I apologizing ahead of time for answering in a confusing way it the best game. Yes. Its a great experience and is nothing less than what you would expect. That being said it is not best for the wii. I have a problem with a next gen system game that inspires people to use their last gen controllers effectively making brawl a game cube game

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I dont care if I sound biased, hell to the yes it is.

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they gave brawl the functionality to use the gc controllers for the Die hard fans who are used to the fighting system for smash. You also have the ability to play the game 3 other ways which is another advantage of having it on a next gen console.

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I love that game.

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