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Explain how Naturalism impacts the family?

Asked by marty (16points) April 13th, 2010

I have a template for class, to explain how the naturalist worldview impacts sexuality, family, and friends.

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We generally don’t do people’s homework for them here, although we do help with research. What resources have you used so far? Perhaps we can suggest others.

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And I’m sure you can do your own homework on this one.

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Do you mean Naturist? Audubon was a Naturalist but rarely chased blue jays in the buff,

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Well, um…
Naturalists don’t believe in an afterlife. So I guess if anything, they spend more time with the family, knowing they won’t have a second chance? I guess?
And.. uh .. they don’t believe in any higher power.. so.. I suppose they help each other out more, instead of praying for it to happen?
um.. and since they don’t believe in that god, I guess they don’t believe in sin.. so.. I guess they’re less worried about being open about their sexuality?

Honestly. Naturalism doesn’t have that big of an effect on these kind of things. And there are always exceptions.

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I thought he was referring to Naturist as in Nudist.

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How does naturalist effect family, sexuality, friend?

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