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HOTQ*: Why does my computer get the hiccups?

Asked by janbb (54520points) April 17th, 2010

(*Husband Out of Town Question) Recently, my monitor occasionally goes through a period where the screen gets flashing dark lines across it for a time and seems to jump around. It seems to be mouse or keyboard related potentially. Rebooting usually sorts it out for a while. Anyone know what causes this or what I can do to fix it?

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It is doing this because you are OOC (out-of-control) tonight and the monitor knows it.

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Thanks a lot, kiddo!

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It could be that the monitor cable is loose; usually on the computer side. You may want to make sure the two screw things are tight.

If it’s an LCD monitor then there’s a chance it may be going out. I had that happen to my last monitor.

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1. Replug your monitor cable (might want to switch the cable out as well)
2. Update your graphics driver
3. switch out hardware and try isolate the problem

- Heat can also cause problems with graphics distortions. Troubleshooting that is another question however.

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Sounds like the driver to me. Go to Device Manager, and update the requisite driver. If there is no update try uninstalling and reinstalling.

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Windows XP – device manager is where?

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Well, I pushed everything in tighter on the back of the monitor and took a look at Control Panel and it has stopped hiccuping for now, so I will wait until the next time to do more serious tinkering.

Thanks all, except for you @gailcalled !

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Nope – it’s back. I will look into it more tomorrow.

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@janbb: Give up the PC. Remember; the  doesn’t fall far from the tree.

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If Device Manager is not in the Control Pane, use the Help function to search for it – it will give you a link to open it. The monitor driver will be clearly labeled, and it will give you the options for installing, uninstalling and updating.

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Denks – will work on it at some point tomorrow probably. At the moment, rebooting has solved it temporarily.

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You can also find the Device Mangler by right-clicking on Computer (or My Computer) and select Manage.

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@mrentropy: Are you sure she wants the Device Mangler? That sounds counterproductive.

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Is this on a laptop or desktop? Part of me is thinking the video card is overheating.

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@gailcalled Oh. That’s my pet name for the Device Manager.

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desktop, Dell, Sylvania monitor if that matters

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EMI (Electro-Magnetic Interference) is what I am thinking. As for the cause… hard to say. I used to get it when my wife used her Kitchenaid mixer.

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