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A message to new Fluther users...?

Asked by Riser (3485points) March 10th, 2008

I am probably writing this because I ran out of pain meds but please understand that is a forum intended to stimulate thought through meaningful, possibly important, questions where the collective can answer this.

I have been on this board only eight days and have found a community of people here that are unparalleled elsewhere on the net. If you are willing to “agree to disagree” I think you will find that and its members will welcome you with open arms, however…

Fluther is NOT a forum for iPhone tech questions, those can be directed to the respected discussion forum at

Fluther has no psychics on staff and can therefore NOT answer questions like “How old is Joe who lives near me?”

Out of respect for the other members we all try to remain as grammatically sound as possible, including complete spelling – not text spelling like “hi how r u?”

We are trying to preserve the collective that is established here and we ask that you respect this and we welcome you.

Highest Regards,

Daniel Riser

P.S. If I have to repost this every day I will.

P.P.S. Other established members, please add to this if you see fit.

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First on epic thread, the poster above doesn’t exist!

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there are some really dumb questions on fluther.

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Today has been a bloodbath around here. I guess it needed to happen. It is like Lord of the Flies with nerds. It is fun to read about but it kinda sucks being in the middle of it.

And I agree with Riser.

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note: my above response wasn’t directed at Riser

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This wasnt even a question.

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I know. I was thinking that, but it is still requesting answers and participation.

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ok, well since you replied so quick and were nice about it, I agree with you riser. Unfortunately that’s what happens when you open to the public…oh well

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And this is where I request a flutherchat section again. A place to call-out, bitch, whine, and make suggestions that is separate from the main page.. Third time is the charm.. AMIRITE!!

Edit :: Not directed at you Riser.. Maybe we all need a little corner where we can vent.

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Yeah, I have lots of smilies and emotes I’ve kept pent up!

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I think mirza made a space –

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@ John: I have requested the chat as well. I think it would really calm the fires. The only problem is I doubt it would work on the current iPhone set up, but at least we can bitch to each other :D

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Heh… Yeah… Mirza’s solution is flash-based.

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Cant we all just get along…?

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I wasn’t thinking a chat room.. Just something similar to the current set-up but is based around discussing fluther.

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give me your hand.

it’s a rather large soap box your standing on.

i don’t want you to get hurt getting off it.

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I am relatively new to this community. I note that there are no detailed guidelines on the types if questions, other than being civil. I find so far the questions, responses and interactions either provoking, thoughtfull, whimsical, boring or thoughtless. But my interpretation and reaction is just my opinion, and in fact depends on my changing needs and mood. There is probably a question and an answer to please somebody out there…. Is this not a site to promote free speech? If you think the question sucks, don’t answer it! I have noticed that the age ranges and backgrounds of members is very large and varied, so one should not expect only philosophy and politics. Creating separate chat rooms will just break up this joyfull party. Relax people, and just be as serious or superficial as you like!! And as for “complete texting”, let’s not be snobs…. Its easier to spell every word on the PC, but let’s be real, on de cell s K 2 short txt… Dis is gr8!!!!!!

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Part of the problem is the format. When a question about “CSS rendering in IE” gets pushed off the front page for “How do I get pussy” we have a problem.

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No doubt, John.

<rant>And for the last time, if you don’t know what an “SDK” is, you don’t f’ing need it.

Also, for about the 3000th time this week…use Handbrake to rip DVDs.

And none of us, I mean none of us know when the next iPhone, iPod, MacBook Pro with Wings, iMac with a Supercharger, or WTF Ever from Apple is coming out. Visit I’ve owned a uHaul truck full of Apple products in my life, but I, as are many others,am sick of it.

Rant complete…..</rant>

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I agree with riser also. I have seen some dumb questions. Hopefully everything will filter out.

ps. Riser I literary was on the freeway reading this question, because I was so interested and I missed my turn. LOL

Oh yeah another thing hod does “flag” get three great answers? Just curious.

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as a new user, who has come to this space only because I own an iPhone, I have to say I’m a little ticked off by the elitism shown by a lot of the members here. To say that a question is vulgar is one thing, as a majority of us have grown up with the same teachings of what is and is not appropriate. But saying a question is stupid is rude, and is a matter of opinion. I was raised to believe that the only stupid question is the one that goes unasked. If the older members of fluther don’t like a particular question because of its ‘stupidity,’ then wait 5 minutes. The great thing about fluther is that’s about how long you have to wait before a question you like does show up. And the question you don’t like will be answered by those of us that do like it, and sometimes it might be nonsense and sometimes it will be brilliant. Who says we can’t have a bit of both?

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The problem is eyeofnyc…it is like JohnPowell just said “stupid” question and redundant repeats questions push great question from the homepage.

Nonsense is great, those that know me here know that I often participate in nonsense questions. Silly and fun is great, stupid and redundant is not.

Who wants to see the same question asked 2–10 times a day?

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Probably also want to add to please use the search function to see if the questions has already been asked (Though this may be a problem for iPhone users since we don’t have a search function available to us).

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@glial, my problem is in who defines what is “stupid” I just received a comment from someone saying “the question ‘does doug love me’ is stupid. No arguing that” but I say that my response to that question is ’“what is your definition of love?” and see? We have an intelligent discourse on the mystery of love. Or we don’t. But the opportunity is there. And to try to impose restrictions on fluther based on whether or not certain people think it’s intelligent or not the way toward enlightenment, which, quite frankly, is one of the main reasons I come here. Very few websites offer me enlightenment on topics I sometimes never even knew I wanted to be enlightened on. And for that, flutjer, I thank you.

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Eeps! Fluther. Thanks, fluther!!!

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I thought this was a community where people helped and educate each other, I wonder why there is such rudeness, belittlement and very little compassion for others based on the types of questions that are being asked and the how many times the same questions comes up. I guess for some it is difficult to be considerate or polite.

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No see the problem as many have stated before me is that these questions are easily answerable. I understand theres no stupid question, but there are just questions that clearly dont belong on fluther. If you can answer the question with google or wikipedia why would you need to ask someone the answer to something you can easily know? To me Fluther is another person. When i come across something i cant figure out through research i think hmm let me go ask Fluther. Fluther has such great potential by combining the most diverse group i have ever seen to just talk about various questions we have in life. It just seems a waste to ask it “who does the voice of stewie on family guy?”

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that I totally agree with. As set up in the guidelines, if you can answer it via google or wiki, then you should. An answerable question is not one deemed stupid, just answerable.

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no its deemed stupid

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you’re deemed stupid. (see where this has gotten us?) ;)

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yes. you just look stupider and stupider.

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I think I’m going to throw up with all these fights.
Please guys, you’re all welcome, but don’t fight. There are too much fights in the world already.

Maybe we can, as a community, create understandable question-guidelines. How about it? Hit me!

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1. That was not a question.
2. Although you make some valid points, who died and made you King Flurther?

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I too am a new user, and for the most part have been enjoying the site. I can overlook stupid questions as well as stupid answers, but it does get aggravating when certain people just post to get a rise out of others. I think the best thing to do is to refuse to feed the trolls. They are only seeking attention and will stay if they get it. It seems over the last two days people have been banging their heads against the wall on the subject of religion. I have learned some things about beliefs different than my own, but I don’t think people should get so angry when discussing their beliefs or lack thereof. it is very distracting, and gets us no where.

Laura047 just made the kind of post I was referring to above. Really, that was uncalled for. I think we should all remember this is an information seeking site, not a fight club. There are plenty of other places on the net for trolls. Back under the bridge!! I am referring to all trouble makers, not the poster above me. I just used her post as an example. I really hope we can grow here. And we can start by growing up!

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Im sorry that you think my post was uncalled for, but I was under the impression that this was an open forum. Why do some members think they can dictate what questions can be asked? If you think a question is stupid, just ignore it.

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There are rules on every site, so why not here?

And we’re not dictating which can and can’t be asked, we just want our community to stay clean.

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Well if there are rules, then they should be posted by the moderators of this site. I will be happy to comply. My issue is with just anyone making who feels like it making the rules. For instance, scamp here determines that my post is uncalled for,
then procedes to call me a troll and fling other silly insults, then remarks on the need to grow up. If we wish to establish rules or guidlines, let’s vote on them at least. All the members here should have some input, not just the ‘established’ ones, in my opinion.

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Laura, the rules are posted by the creators of the site. No one is making up personal rules. So far, every post I’ve seen you make, both here and elsewhere has been negative, disrespectful, and inflammatory. I am happy with the high standard Fluther had before, and if they want to keep it that way, I am all for it.

Please, please try to be more constructive. This is not Digg or Yahoo! Answers.

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I think you are confusing me with someone else. I admit some of my posts are a bit sarcastic, but they were only meant to be humorous. If anyone was hurt by any of my posts, I sincerely apologize, that certainly wasn’t my intention.

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Laura047 ,If you go back and read my post again, you will see that I said I was talking about all trouble makers, not you. I used your post as an example of the type of post that serves no purpose here. I wasn’t talking about you as a person, nor did I sling any insults at you. I simply said that your comment “who died and made you fluther king” was uncalled for. I referred to trolls in general, and did not call you one directly. I’m sorry if you misread what I posted, but as squirbel said, alot of your posts have seemed pretty confrontational. I think Riser started this thread as a means of calming things down, and not a place to begin a new stream of insults to other members.

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klass thanks for the link

Scamp ok sorry if I took your post personally.

As far as my posts go, most of them are constructive answers to the questions. As for the other ones, I already addressed that in my previous post.

I will read the guidlines klass posted, follow them and consider the matter dropped.

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