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How do you fluther?

Asked by Zen_Again (9901points) April 20th, 2010

I sit at home at my pc, usually with a cup of coffee, listening to Neil Young and Leonard Cohen on the record player. At night, I usually flunk (fluther while drunk) with a beer or whisky neat.

Do you set a “mood” as I do?

Where and how do you fluther?

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First off, lol @ your tags

Anyways, I fluther all the time.
– While in bed.
– While drinking.
– When I’m in a good mood.
– When I’m in a bad mood.

I don’t really have to set a mood to Fluther. I just kind of do it all the time.
Even when I don’t mean to, I always find myself back on the site browsing, chatting, and answering.

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I really should flunk more often.

Mostly I just flulti-task – fluther while multi-tasking at work:

Conference call + fluther
Software install + fluther
Long running job + fluther
Print out + fluther

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Most of the time I’m fluthering, I’m lying/sitting in my bed. I either have tea or water next to me. Sometimes whiskey.

If I’m out at the ranch, I’m sitting in the screened in porch watching the horses play and fluthering.

I don’t even know why. I just always seem to be lurking around.

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I usually Fluther in a morning when I have just woke up, with a cup of tea. I don’t use it at night time or at weekends, because my boyfriend is home and so I have other stuff to do.

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I fluther after I’ve done with my job(or sometime I fluther while on my job). Usually after I took my afternoon bath and drink a lot of water,turn on the air conditioner,turn on my favorite classical music,prepare my snack,and it’s now the time for flutherng!

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Constantly. and yet I have still to achieve the Circumnavigator award!

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I use Fluther a lot on my phone, but when I’m on my computer I’m usually at my desk or sitting in bed.

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I usually rub myself down with oil. Open a jar of pickles and put on my bunny slippers.

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@ChazMaz That’s an image I could have probably lived without.

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I’m not that into it to “set a mood”, but I do try to answer at least one question everyday. I also Fluther a lot at work, possibly too much.

When my wife is gone for a couple weeks in May I will probably Fluther for hours at home.

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With wanton abandon.

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mainly at work between jobs

sometimes while waiting in line somewhere, or at a doctor’s office

oh, and sometimes I read up on activity I’m following just before I dose off

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@Zen_Again I LOVE the new term: flunking = fluthering while drunk. (You just don’t want to be flung over the next day.)

I like florking, too: fluthering from “work”.

I haven’t tried flucking yet; I’m looking for the right partner.

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Ack! The mere thought of drinking while Fluthering would be called Flunking! I cannot drink and socialize online. Way too many seriously mistated comments. What an epic disaster. I am always sitting on my bed with the laptop.usually naked and masturbating to nasty comments. So keep em coming in.

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At work. I used to use Fluther to break up what I was working on, so that my work didn’t get the best of me. It kept me productive. Now I use my work to break up my Flutherizing.

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@CyanoticWasp You do have a way with flords!

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I multi-task flurther while at work and my head set allows me nearly non-stop action here.

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@Cruiser Are you a pro wrist rocket technician?

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I Fluther at work, hidden in a corner cubicle, on my righteous laptop. I Fluther at home at my computer desk with Jazz music playing and a cup of hot coffee standing by. I don’t Fluther on the go because I don’t have a device that allows me to Fluther while I’m mobile (think: iPhone).

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Flobile: Fluthering on my mobile device.

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@jfos Why yes I am. Not only can I fluther, but I can do so while yapping with a customer and still tattoo a nice welt on your ass from 25 yards away.

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Thats what I do almost exclusively with my constantly present iPhone. Never a dull moment.

But not being able to do links from iPhone till I upgrade is often frustrating enough for me to fire up the laptop.

I really really have to stop procrastinating about doing that upgrade. Then I can use the Dragon Dictate App and do it all by voice. What would that be called.

Vocaluthering maybe?

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@Buttonstc Flalking? Or is that Fluthering while walking?

I’m doing Fleference right now; Fluthering at the reference desk. (Shh – don’t tell.)

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Well, as long as we’re creating new terms, I find I do quite a bit of Flocrastinating.

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I also see a lot of Flurting going on here at times! ;)

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I tend to flocrastinate. I should be making some phone calls now concerning household business, but I like to do this better!

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@Cruiser And probably flutulance too, but nobody’ll own up to that.

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I fluther with a cat
who wears a hat
who’s mother’s a rat
and that is that!
Or maybe just anytime.

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I fluther to unwind. When it’s quiet in the house, I can concentrate on my thoughts.

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I like to Fluther with a ball,
I like to Fluther at the mall.
Fluthering all day makes me glad,
Without Fluther I would be sad!

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Before a Fluther session, I give my dog a chew stick so she won’t bother me. Instead she sits in the corner of my room and goes om nom nom nom on the chew stick.
I Fluther whilst on my bed, usually naked, because I never wear clothes when I’m home anyway.
Let’s see what else…. Oh, I’ll usually have some kind of snack beside me and a glass of blue Gatorade or cranberry juice. Unfortunately, I accidently bought light cranberry juice this time and it just doesn’t taste the same. (tear) So blue Gatorade it is!
I also usually play some music. For the past several days I’ve been listening to Coldplay and Damien Rice.
If I get bored on Fluther, I switch back and forth from my email to Facebook to pornotube. A single girl’s gotta take care of her needs sometimes.
And…that’s about it. Taadaa!

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* closes eyes, smiles *

I Fluther at work (yay multitasking) and then at home while watching TV.

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I’m usually on my phone since I’ve gotten one that can surf the web, but sometimes I still do it on the ole PC. Flunking is something I do from time to time, when I have a few hours at night to drink. When I’m at work, I’ll check it during my breaks occasionally.

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I turn on my rig in the morning and make a pot of coffee. Sip while I Fluther. Sluther? In the afternoon I Fluther between doing homework. In the evening I have more coffee, sometimes watch a Netflix movie and Toggle back and forth to my account.

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@janbb yeah, I flay myself.

Flaking (or should it be fluking?) = fluthering nakedly. Not to be confused with the aforementioned “flucking”.
Fleating = while eating
Flathroom (maybe fluushing) = instead of flissing and flhitting (let’s try to maintain some decorum)
Flistening = while pretending to listen to someone else
Fleeping = in one’s sleep
Flill (flick?) = while under the weather
Floating? Flailing? Flishing? Do we need a word to describe the activity while boating / sailing / fishing?

Perhaps the general term for “drinking (but not yet drunk) and fluthering” could be “druthering”.

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This is what I meant in a different thread when I referred to the fluidity of the English language. If there isn’t a word to describe a concept, we can just make one up. Yaaaaaayy English!

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Fleaning: Fluthering while cleaning.

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Flipping? Fluthering while clipping toe or fingernails?

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Wow. I’m such a boring flutherer.
I do it in my chair at home.

Sometimes I’m watching shows/movies or playing games on my other monitor though.

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Flurking = not saying a word, just watching (also, “fleading”)
Flexting = while texting
Fliving (does anyone do this while driving? not for long, I’m thinking)
Flinking = fluthering out loud to aid (or kick-start) the thinking process
Flabbing = do we still have ABers who go back and forth? This would be what they do.
Flalking = doing fluther in chat (metaphor for ‘talking’) or “Fluchat” (but that sounds like a French term for a deviant sex practice)
Flinging = while singing (as opposed to the way some in here just “fling it”)
Flaudering = while the washer is active

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Flummoxing – Fluthering in a hammock; so nice on a summer’s day!

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And then there’s always flayaking – but that’s hard to do, Rocky!

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Dont forget Flea flicker.

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Fleaking: while taking a leak.
Flooping: while dropping the kids off at the pool.

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Flucking could also mean while plucking your chicken…

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@Vunessuh Is that the euphemism you use?

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Yes! We need a euphemism for fluthering (so we don’t have to admit to our non-jellied friends how much time we spend here).

We need a fleuphemism.

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@janbb Yes, but then there are times when I really am plucking my chicken.

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@Vunessuh Wouldn’t that be fluthsterbating?

Vunessuh's avatar

@Cruiser LMAO. No! There’s an actual chicken involved! There’s one of these and one of these and one of these and I’m plucking my chicken while Fluthering. How come no one is taking me literally? ::Whaaaaaa!::

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@Vunessuh Nice try! We know better! You almost had me with the Rooster though!! LOL!

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Usually in between spares, maybe when I get home but not much anymore. My PC is on the verge of death, need to fix that…I’m usually drunk though, however I Fluther.

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Flooking—while burning dinner.

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Floging- Fluthering while petting my dog.
@ChazMaz Really, did not need the visual of you rubbing down with oil. Or did I?~

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I get my lapto—Oh, no, wait a moment, my own laptop is being used my my mother’s office’s staff, my mother’s laptop is always at work with her, and my sister wants her laptop back right now. I could use the downstairs desktop, but “alas, ‘tis but a shitbox.” My upstairs desktop would work just fine… if I hadn’t done something to make my parents hide the monitor until summer break. Dammit.

But with the precious time that I have on my sister’s laptop, I usually listen to music and look at demotivational posters while waiting for activity on other discussions if I can’t find anything else to answer.

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name brand cola, chicken wings, radio on CBC… I Fluther for many reasons…like nothing on tv or lonely/anxious for information, for a laugh, to be productive

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I turn on my laptop as soon as I get up, it loads while I am getting my coffee. I look at my mail, blogs, and various Q & A sites, including Fluther. In between my daily household tasks, I type in my contributions to the different sites throughout the day.

After dinner, I spend my evenings watching TV and participating on the internet.

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In the evening, a glass of wine at the keyboard with me, and the news on the television in the next room. If there is no news on, I will play slow music.

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We could flurbeque or flucnick. (Save me a hot dog!)

If we had a train with internet access we could flummute.

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But I doubt it would be a very flunctional flunction.

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Who says Fluther is functional? It is flun sometimes, though.

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This is the flunniest thread I’ve read in a long time. Since all the puns and innuendos have been covered, I’ll just give a straight answer!

My husband is at work, my son just started daycare a little over a month ago, and I’m just waiting for my visa to come through so I can go back to work. I just sit and fluther the day away, on my laptop, with a cup of tea and sometimes a bit of Paul Simon.

@CyanoticWasp and @janbb are you guys on mind-altering drugs? You seem to be spouting flutherish.

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Interesting question, @Zen_Again. Amongst the endless omphaloskeptic fluther questions, I think this one is new.

I don’t do anything special; I just drop in and out during the day and the evening, usually as a little break from whatever else I am doing at the computer, such as writing. Until last September, when I stopped working, I didn’t come on very much during the day because I was too busy. But now I’m free to do that if I choose.

I am proud to say that I have collected my one point for signing in every single day since I joined.

As for flunking, I have done it two or three times in total, or maybe four, but I doubt that anyone could tell. My grammar and spelling are just as good when I’m not sober as when I am, given that I have plenty of time to review and correct, and my opinions don’t change.

My compliments to @jeffgoldblumsprivatefacilities for my favorite coinage above, namely,
flocrastinating. If I were into guilt, I’d have to confess to that a lot.

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As it’s an American based site, and most of the jellies are from the States, that would make me a floreigner.

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@Zen_Again Now you’re just flishing for compliments.

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But since you’re an Israeli an a friend, you’re also a flaver (pun on chaver for non-Hebraicists.)

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Usually when I’m extremely bored—and quickly. I don’t like to sit around and cluck. When someone questions something I’ve said I’ll usually say.. I’ve answered the question.

I hate it when people want everyone to think the same way. The world is full of millions of people. We’re all going to have different opinions.

I fluther in 5 minute periods, to be precise ;P (Anyone else call it floother?)

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@meagan ~ I agree with you, there does seem to be a lot of snippy remarks questioning people’s opinions lately.

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I forgot to mention that when I’m on my pc, I’m usually listening to NPR and when I’m on my phone, I sometimes have Pandora radio playing.

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I normally do it while lying in bed. I’ve fluthered while high on Ambien, but I’ve given up drugs. Now (right now) I just fluther while high fly =)

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