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Any Fun date Activities a girl would like?

Asked by brinkofit (175points) April 23rd, 2010

We had one date already. It was at a comedy club and she really liked it. She wants to go out again and I hinted at a picnic at a park, but she didn’t seem into it. So I am looking for some kind of activity we could do. She doesn’t like mini golfing, tennis, pool and bowling.

I know about rock climbing, amusement parks, biking. What would a girl like to do on a second date?

It will take place Sunday afternoon and I live in the Bay area, CA if it helps any

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It sounds like maybe she’s not the outdoorsy/athletic type. How about lunch in a nice restaurant and/or a movie? If you lack the funds for that, cook for her at home and rent a movie.

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I know she would 1 day like to skydive, learn how to snowboard, zipline and all that stuff.
We always hang out and watch movies but she doesn’t consider that a date

I need help to ‘woo’ her haha

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Lunch in a nice restaurant, movies in the night:)? Does not this sound good?

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Maybe a winery tour?

It’s romantic, “wooing”, datey, really fun, different, and not ourdoorsy or “we always do that”-feeling.

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We are not really big on drinking

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You don’t really drink on a tour…but whatever. Good luck.

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I would LOVE to go to an amusement park for a 2nd date….do that for sure.

And do you know that studies show that when you experience high adrenaline with a person of the opposite sex you will be more attracted to them…..

Definitely take her on the roller-coaster…..or on some scary-ish ride.

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Try asking her what she would like to do

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Go to the museum, then for coffee.
Most people do like amusement parks, so don’t count that as a no.
This is a great time of year for a walk if there are blooming gardens in your area where you can walk.
I thought the picnic idea was a good one.

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Yea my picnic one was all planned out. I was planning to go to a botanical garden. We would take pictures with two different cameras for awhile. Then we would find a spot to have a picnic. I would make her favorite sandwich and bring her favorite drink, and home made chocolate strawberries (have to have them hehe). We would eat. Then we would compare pictures. After that if conversation slowed, I would pull out some sketching paper because she used to love to draw and we would draw the thing that stood out the most or we liked the most. Of course, I would TRY to draw the two of us sitting down together right at that moment.
Too bad the lack of enthusiasm killed it.

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I don’t know where you are in the Bay Area, but you can take her here.
It’s fun and affordable and there are four locations throughout the area. If you go to the one in Willow Glen, there’s tons of other awesome shops and restaurants up and down the strip. Go for a walk. Grab some Jamba Juice or coffee or frozen yogurt.
Good luck and have fun.

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Six Flags should be open by now . . take her on the Skycoaster ride . . . it’s basically a zipline & simulated skydiving adventure.

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Your picnic plan was great. Showing that you know her, and that you know what she likes. However, going too strong can be dangerous, both if it’s physically or mentally. And thinking things to much through can be also be a bad move. Not saying it isn’t a good idea, but watch out. All the photography sounds really nice. Also the chocolate strawberries is perfect. All the best wishes to you and the date.

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Yea I tend to over-think and over-analyze things that I really care about.
Do you think it’s too strong? She said she wanted me to ‘woo’ her with romance.
I mean, we have been hanging out regularly for a couple of months but have only been on 1 true date.
Maybe 6 flags then?

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Romance she says? Well personally I don’t think 6 flags is romantic but than again what do I know? :)

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I am with you there, but it will be a fun date. There are ways to make it romantic though, but it won’t be as good.

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Personally I don’t think it’s too strong, but you know her, I don’t. A generally pleasant attitude is being a bit of a gentleman, but don’t go out of character, she’s on a date with you, not someone else.
Being romantic, well, red roses, poems, doves, that’s things that first pop into my head. However, making it to soap-opera-like is a move that she’ll omly like depending on her personality, which again, I do not know. Again, it’s a line between to much and to little.
Also, as always, minimalistic, but still powerful, if you can pull something like that off, it’ll probably be great.

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Depends on the girl. I loved rock climbing and caving, hikes and bike riding. Movies and walks in the park never have done it for me. Call her up, ask her what sort of things does she like to do, and plan around that.

If she’s into a comedy club, she might enjoy a storytelling festival. There’s something for everyone at one of those.

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Hockey Game? (assuming the Sharks are still in the playoffs). My lady and I were diehard hockey fans (unfortunately she was a Habs fan and I a Bruins nut). Hockey is best followed up with pub crawling or other proletarian pursuits.

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How about a dim-sum brunch in Chinatown?

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Well I like off roading, but then again, I’m not your typical girl.

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Well, I’m a girl, and that’s what I’d like…

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Since she used to draw take her to an art museum. Not knowing her its hard to say but other things might be horseback riding, fancy brunch at nice resteraunt, if you live near somewhere where you can take a boat ride. Check the local paper see if there are any fests going on near you. Maybe your local theater group has an afternoon play—can be fun if its a good play. Or ask her for a suggestion.

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In my town, one can go kayaking in New York Bay for free! How about something like that?

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Rent a bicycle built for two and pack a picnic and do a riding tour of the parks and have a nice picnic while you are out.

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@aprilsimnel…you’ve got to be kidding – kayaking on New York Bay?!?! unless you want to be in the midst of commercial vessels/tankers & cruise ships entering and leaving the New York Harbor.

@Cruiser… I would guess that you didn’t read the whole post . . .

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I resent this question. You have only described one activity she MIGHT have enjoyed and one activity she MIGHT not enjoy. Just saying she is a girl is not enough. News flash: not all girls, X that out…not all HUMANS are the same and we don’t all enjoy the same dates. If you really cared for a real opinion you would describe her in anyway?

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Yes I know. I am basically asking what girls would like to do on a second date so I can have some ideas and hopefully think of one she will like

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How about the movies? A good suspence film would be nice.

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Actually we are going to watch Hot Tub Time Machine today. I’m thinking about getting her a rose because I will take her to a garden. Foreshadowing hehe

Actually I’m going to do the picnic thing. IF she doesn’t like it then at least now I know. IF she really doesn’t like it, then we will be friends.

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@njnyjobs Not sure what you meant?? I did read it?? He likes biking and if she doesn’t she gets a free ride. Plus if they go long enough she will get hungry and she will then enjoy that picnic as long as he packs decently! What better place to bike than the hills of SF!! Just make sure the breaks work properly!! ;)

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