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best quality indoor paint?

Asked by skfinkel (13511points) February 7th, 2007
Painting over painted cedar wood paneling.
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here are some tips for how to add great color to your home without adding the toxic ingredients that are often in housepaint.
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I've had great experiences with Benjamin Moore. I'm also a big believer that better quality paint is a worthwhile expense (easy to paint with, wears better).
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Check out Consumer Report (March issue) in library for free. There is an article on interior paints. Ben'j Moore ranks low but the Sierra Club webpage gives it high marks for low toxicity. Choose your poison.
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We love Behr paint at home depot.

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There are many services which offer different kind of painting . This should be clean and precious , just because we are talkin about painting . I strongly recommend , the team is good , I like it .

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