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Is it bad if my urine smells like buttered popcorn?

Asked by laxrrockr18 (276points) April 24th, 2010

when take urinate in the shower there is this strong scent of buttered popcorn and i was wondering is this is unusual

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Do you mean that you urinate in the shower? Have you eaten something unusual? Do you have popcorn-flavoured soap or shampoo?

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Try to drink larger amounts of water and lay off processed food. See how it goes.

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Are you sure you’re not drunk and actually taking a wiz at the concession stand ?

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drink more water. the only time urine has a strong odor is when you haven’t drank enough water…usually i think it smells like cheerios but way less pleasant. so….yeah. lol

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Not as bad as if your buttered popcorn smells like urine.

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I’m a thinkin’ but I got nothin’.

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The worst is asparagas pee. Didn’t your mama teach you to pee in the potty?

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Pee in the shower (when you are taking a shower, that is).
It saves water.

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Do you work in a movie theater?

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women hate it when men pee in the shower.
are you sure it’s not your feet?

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It’s probably bad that you are urinating in the shower itself. If you use a commode, there will be a lot less room for that buttered popcorn aroma to expand into and hence, a less overpowering odor.

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I’d like to learn that trick. My pee smells like, well…, pee.
BTW, I also pee in the shower. It is much cleaner than doing it standing in front of a toilet and saves water. I also brush my teeth and shave in the shower. I turn the water on and off several times.

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peeing while brushing your teeth is just wrong!~

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Warm/hot water is an effective muscle relaxant. :D

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wow lot of bad and rude answers on here. I dont pee in the shower but yes I have the popcorn smelling urine as well. Research shows not nearly as uncommon as once thought. But Could be an infection. just bc there are no other symptoms does not mean you do not have a UTI. Also it would be a good idea to get your sugar levels checked. As for the rest of you, if you do not have any helpful answers or comments, grow up and shut up. Did your mothers not teach you if you have nothing nice to say, dont say anything at all? Dont act like you are better. Society, I swear…

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