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How do I protect my iPhone?

Asked by cornman (737points) March 12th, 2008 from iPhone

I use my iPhone while working my cement/concrete business and want to know the best way to protect my phone as far as banging it and keeping sand and cement debris out of it.

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I can perform a level 9 circle of protection on your iPhone for $250. Do you have paypal?

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Google for something called the Otterbox. They make ruggedized cases for the iPhone that are water-proof.

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I’d go with the Otterbox, too!

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Is the best. You can check out some videos on youtube

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Get something to protect the glass cover, like Invisible Shield. And make sure to always place it in your pocket with the glass facing towards your leg, not outwards. This way you minimize the risk of leaning on something and cracking the glass, which is almost always the case.

Other than that, the iPhone is really rugged. Maybe get some compressed air to blow out the connection port, which can sometimes get lint and whatnot from living in a pocket it’s whole life.

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Put a condom on it!

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The Apple iPhone features a beautiful 3.5-inch widescreen display. Apple expects iPhone owners will use their new device to watch movies, browse the web and check email.

I think you need to get some “iphone accessories”: if you really wanne 2 protect your precious iphone. To access the features of the iPhone, you need to use the revolutionary muli-touch interface. Being a phone and using a touch interface, the iPhone will be susceptible to scratches. Having a scratch on your screen can have a negative impact next time you sit down to watch your favorite movie or television program. To avoid this, the best iPhone accessory investment you can make will be an iPhone screen protector.
Protect Your iPhone Screen

And ,another thinger, iPhone cases which bring a great look and style to my iphone.And it is supposed to give it protection from scratches and minor drops.Dust resistant and keep dust from absorbing on the iphone protector case for much static charge.

And the last thinger——just cherish it yourself! This is the most important.LOL….

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