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Anyone know where I can get a small hobby/toy ratchet mechanism?

Asked by pallen123 (1514points) April 28th, 2010

I’m building a prototype device and I need an element of it to ratchet back and forth on a radial axis, like a socket wrench—but turns/ratchets in both directions. It’s more like a game wheel. A regular old gear would probably work, but I’m looking for a self contained gear and pivoting pawl—like something you might find in a small toy. Are there any hobby catalogs that sell this sort of thing?

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Did you check McMaster Carr site ?
You might try taking apart a standard old video cassette. It has ratcheting gears in it.

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Thanks @worriedguy McMaster looks like it may have the right gears. I need one with ¾ inch diameter, but ideally I’d like the pivoting pawl built-in. It needs at least 40 teeth, so I don’t think the VHS cassette will work, but good thought.

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