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See Fluther's address on Google Streetview? Why doesn't Fluther's offices have Fluther signage out in front?

Asked by AJelly (7points) April 30th, 2010

You see, on Google Streetview, there is an Emporium and a discount club on 2431 Mission Street. However, I don’t see a Fluther sign anywhere at the address they claim to have offices out of. How come?

Also, does Fluther plan to put signs up there sometime?

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They’re trying to remain inconspicuous. Like my answer is attempting to do.

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That is because Fluther is a front for the CIA. is a diety.

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Their customers are web based.
Spending a lot of cash on signage for an office most people aren’t going to ever visit doesn’t make sense.
The only people going to flutherHQ are fluther employees, FED-EX and stalkers.

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I don’t know but check out those rims.

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Under cover of a 99cent discount store. Sounds intriguing.

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Whoa, right in the Mission.
Don’t stay at work too late, bros.

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@AstroChuck Haha, that was my first though too. Bendrewim must drive a pimp car.

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Is it that yellow Victorian with the red trim? (The one on the right.) Cool! Maybe no need for signage, but how about a little jelly sticker in the window?

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It’s because Fluther headquarters is in a shared office space. A very cool shared office space. ;)

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@Auggie, have you BEEN there?

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Nah. But I’ve seen pictures!

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I’ve been there….;-)

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It’s becau

Edit: I don’t want to end up like the jelly who asked this question.

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@shilolo Unfair geographical advantage!

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@Zen_Again (Shhhh- It was the CIA)

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What would happen if I went to that address and rang the doorbell? carrying a poster of Cate Blanchett

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I work in the same office and I can confirm that Fluther does, in fact, run a 99 cent store. Haven’t you heard that the economy drove AdSense money down the drain?

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