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How many Flutherites are there?

Asked by Jill_E (885points) April 30th, 2010


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About 32,000 accounts… I don’t know how many are active.

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I believe someone recently stated there’s roughly 1500 active flutherites. What their definition of “active” is I have no idea.

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I’m actually seven people.

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how many stars are in the sky…..waiting to burst into action??

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@Captain_Fantasy You’re quite the juggle master then! LOL

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Everyone on earth, but it’s just that they haven’t found the URL for this site yet.

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There are thousands of us and we’re all individually unique. Just like everyone else.

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A bazillion.

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@Captain_Fantasy Are you saying that it takes seven people to create one @Captain_Fantasy, or that one @Captain_Fantasy operates seven different accounts?

In fact, I am everybody on fluther except @Captain_Fantasy—even the six others he thinks he is.

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15,134 users have written at least one answer.
10,924 users have written at least one question.

So I would say somewhere between 15,134 and 26,058 is the answer that really counts. Most of them are probably overlap, so I suspect it is closer to the 15K number.

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Enough to form a jolly band of drunken pirates. Let’s go fuck up the law.

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@Symbeline said the f word, @Symbeline said the f word.

I say we all get drunk and go naked.

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