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I down-loaded the VLS DVD player and it only worked for about 20 min and failed.

Asked by Roby (2939points) May 5th, 2010

What can I do to make sure it works? It was a great Player that you could capture snapshots from movies and file them. I really liked this feature. Are they any other ones similar to VLC that might fare better on my PC?

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People can’t really help you make it work if you don’t say what’s wrong with it. “It fails” isn’t really specific. Does it give an error message? Does it disappear or just freeze? Does it just not work with DVD’s or with all movie files?

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First, I would recommend checking here and make sure the file type is supported. ( I know it seems redundant, but bear with) If it is supported- then uninstall it and reinstall, making sure you have the newest version.

@Vincentt is correct that it would help if we had more details such as an error message, what you were doing when it stopped working.

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What file type were you trying to open? Where was this movie from (downloaded, bought off iTunes, read off a DVD)? What were you doing when it stopped working? Did it just crash, or were you given an error message? Answers to these questions will help us understand what the problem is.

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The player gave no ‘error alert’ it just stoped working.

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Could you still see the VLC window or did it disappear? If it was still visible, could you click the buttons and if so, what happened?

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