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How do you deal with flatulence in social situations?

Asked by deni (22607points) May 7th, 2010

You’re hanging out with friends. It’s not terribly loud. You have to fart. What. Do. You. Do. Hold it in? Let it out? Laugh? Fart on someone? Go in the other room? The possibilities are endless.

And does it depend who you’re with? Will you fart in front of your S/O but not in front of your friends? Or not in front of anybody? Or only in front of family?

I’m curious how the collective approaches passing gas in such situations.

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I’m male, there’s only one way to do it:FART PROUDLY.

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PARRRRPPPP!!! That was a fart. Sing it high, sing it low, sing it fast, sing it slow!

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I try (and usually succeed) not to fart in front of anyone. Farting is funny when other people do it but I hate doing it myself even in private (I feel embarressed even when I am alone!). I try and hold it in but if it’s getting really desperate then I will make my excuses and head of to the bathroom or somewhere that I can be alone.

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If you can’t get up and away…sit on it.

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I’ll let go in public, but I’ll try to move away from the crowd. If it’s really crowded, like at a concert, I’ll just let ‘er rip. I’ll let go in front of my friends, but not my husband’s friends. If I just can’t help it, I try to do it quietly and swear up and down it wasn’t me.

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I typically will go to the bathroom or away from others. I don’t want to potentially stink the place up… that’s inconsiderate.

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I can usually hold it, but if I can’t….If someone notices a nasty smell, I’ll be like “Really? I don’t smell anything?”. If they hear it, I’ll say it was my squeaky shoes!

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I’d say the only circumstances in life in which I wouldn’t fart as loud as possible are certain company meetings, funerals, libraries (if I’m not with another guy), job interviews, or the first month I’m dating a woman. Beyond that, I’m sounding the horn.

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I don’t want to smell anyone else’s stink so I hold it in until I can be alone.

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How does holding it in stop you from smelling anyone else’s? Besides, do you think the general public will hold it in for you?

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I used to only do it in front of immediate family (mother, father, brother) then I moved in with future husband and I had to get over the fact that I didn’t want to fart in front of him…he never had an issue with it, so it made me comfortable. So, I’m most comfortable in front of him (and the kids)
But, if I have a reason..I’ll just let them rip. lol. After my c-section, I was sooo gassy, and they give you gas meds every 4 hours, so it would make it literally uncontrollable. Nothing smelly, but still noisy haha. And I had friends visiting, and one who brought her new roommate..I warned them about the gas and they didn’t care.
And lucky me, I have little kids…I can blame them for farts. Except my damn toddler exclaims “Mommy did you TOOT? Did you POOP YOUR PANTS?!” if he hears me fart. Thanks kid.

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@casheroo did you POOP YOUR PANTS? hahahahahahahhaha children.

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If I’m outdoors and there’s no chance of the pooter disturbing my company then I’ll just let it go and hope for no obnoxious noise. When indoors then I’ll go to a restroom. I’m female and come from a family that swears females don’t fart and there must be something wrong with my digestive system. Whatever.

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It depends on the location. I will fart in a taco bell for payback, but I won’t fart in a clothing store and the likes. Movie theaters are a go though, so is vehicles, houses, elevators, stairwells, family reunions, when I was in the hospital, when my friends try to talk to me about something serious, in formation, in game stores, in the mall, waiting to cross the street, and when random people ask me annoying “where is” questions. I’m not old fashioned, but we still haven’t found out what causes spontaneous combustion, and I’m not holding in any farts to help science find the answer.

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Well it all depends where Im at, when Im with certain friends, I just let them rip. They laugh, I laugh…its funny…But when Im in public place’s I just hold it in or let it pass slowly, its usually quiet :P or just go to the restroom real quick, whatever works. I’m not ashamed to pass gas, everyone does it, its normal…I just don’t do it around certain people out of respect for them.

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