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How would you define cuddling?

Asked by legenwaitforitdairy (159points) May 7th, 2010

This is a silly question, but how would you define cuddling?

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laying closely, not having sex.

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Lots of contact but not actively sexual.

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sitting or lying down together, a significant portion of bodies in physical contact with each other. Nothing even vaguely more sexual than that – no kissing, “petting”, etc.

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Under the covers, undies on.

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A connection two (or more) individuals have. Not necessarily the act of. That being an afterthought.

I have cuddled with past significant others, them not even being in the same state.

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Spooning, or laying close together as spoons would.

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On the couch, spooned, arms around her. Nothing particularly sexually oriented about it, just the enjoyment of being close.

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Close together, occasional nuzzling & playing with hair, eyes closed, smiling….For warmth or comfort. The same actions can be sexual, but it depends on what you’re seeking from it.

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Close physical contact that is not sexual in nature… parents cuddle with their kids when they hug or sit on their laps; my girlfriends and I would brush each other’s hair when we were young; my boyfriend and I cuddle when we play footsies, holding hands and caressing arms, with our head on the other’s shoulder; etc.

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Body heat must be involved. Simply being in close proximity doesn’t make for cuddling. I’ve been in jammed packed commuter situations with sweaty people. This type of body heat I do not mean. I mean the “ooooh la la, there’s chemistry” between us body heat. It doesn’t have to be romantic or sexually arousing. I cuddle with my pup all the time. It’s evident we love each other’s warmth and companionship. Friends can cuddle, too.

I think cuddling involves emotional, spiritual, and physical energy felt between those wrapped up in and under each other’s skin. If there’s no energy, then it’s not cuddling – it’s just taking up space. I can take up space with a rock, that’s not cuddling. I can cuddle with my pillow, because it absorbs my energy and returns it to me. If it is cold and non-reciprocal, but taking up space or in each other’s space, then it’s not cuddling.

Cuddling is to touch, what chocolate is to steamed milk. One makes the other much more thrillingly, tingly, nummy yummy delicious!

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Holding one another and enjoying the moment whether or not there’s sexual tension involved.

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Id say close, caring, physical contact.

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