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Why are the notes that I add to my Mac address book being deleted?

Asked by peggylou (1131points) May 11th, 2010

I use the “Notes” part of my address book entries to record yearly gifts. As I enter those notes recently, these entries disappear after I press “enter” or after I leave a particular name entry and then return. How do I stop these “automatic deletions?”

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If you want to add any extra information, type it in the Note section.

You can have Address Book display a picture of the person or any image that you want. To add a picture, just drag any image file onto the square next to the person’s name at the top of the card.

When finished, choose Save from the File menu (or press Command-S). . . . were you doing this last and most important part?

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Thanks for your thoughts. I tried pressing “Edit” at the bottom of the name card, then typing in the new info, and then I pressed “Save” in the “File” menu. Again, the new info disappeared when I pressed “Save.”

Any other ideas?

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Hmmm. I’m not in front of my Mac but when I edit an address, when I’m done I don’t save. I click the same edit button – which closes the edit.

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I just tested it and it works fine how netgrrl reported.

I’m thinking that maybe your permissions are a bit messed up. Try navigating to here and do a get info on one of the abcdp files. Make sure your user has read and write access.

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