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why does youtube video on iPhone are crappy?

Asked by Lushum (30points) March 13th, 2008 from iPhone

Is there a way to get better quality ?

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It makes a difference if your using edge or wifi.

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if you add &fmt=18 to the end of a youtube video url it plays in better quality. This is true for normal online browsing, it might work on the iphone.

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another options for you people who have a jailbroken iPhone is to get the MXTube application. It allows to download either low or high quality versions of the films you look for. It also downloads them onto your iphone for you to watch when you are offline. Great app!

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All Youtube videos are crappy. The iPhone actually makes it a teeny bit better.

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When on an edge or 3G connection a compressed version of the video is streamed. A jailbroken iPhone can use MxTube to download the wi-fi version even over edge.

Alternatively you can use a Youtube video download site like and download the video in high quality .mp4 and then sync it with iTunes to your iPhone.

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