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what would cause you to feel lightheaded, have poor vision, and a foggy head?

Asked by tarynlm04 (1points) March 13th, 2008 from iPhone

Medical diagnoses, have been feeling strange recently

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That’s weird as I’ve had exactly the same thing myself on and off for a couple of weeks now – and I’m going to test for carbon monoxide levels at home today. If I find anything else out will let you know.

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diabetes can cause these symptoms, do you ever have urinary problems? You know, 1/3 people with diabetes doesn’t know they have it, its a simple test at the doctors and its worth checking out, high blood sugar levels can damage your kidneys and your bladder

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Hi, I’m an Audiologist (hearing and balance specialist).

There are many things that could cause these symptoms; such as environmental allergies, blood pressure or glucose fluctuations, migraine (aura without headache), dehydration, nutritional deficiencies, lack of quality sleep, medication side-effects, stress/anxiety/depression.

If you are generally healthy, increase your fluid intake and reduce/avoid alcohol and caffeine. Make sure you eat well and get plenty of rest over the next few days, and maybe go for a walk or do some yoga or meditation. See if that does the trick. If not, see your Doctor on Monday.

I hope you feel better soon!

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Sounds like low blood sugar. Go see a doctor

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Diabetes! Get yourself checked!!! That’s how I found out I had it. I let it go thinking it would clear up or go away and one morning I woke up not being able to focus my eyes on anything. Seriously, I couldn’t drive, it was that bad. Please get yourself checked!!!

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With me, it’s not so much my eyes but more a feeling of lightheadedness and slight dizziness. Also, like a feeling of pressure building up across the top of my head and behind my eyes is the best way to describe it.

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Are you using a Wireless connection for your computer? You may be electro-sensitive.

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