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Is this too formal for a wedding reception?

Asked by ANef_is_Enuf (26789points) May 17th, 2010

I bought this dress to wear to a friend’s wedding. I removed the decorative pin on that front sash, because I thought THAT was too much. But my mother has planted the seed of doubt in my head that this dress is too much for a wedding reception.
The wedding itself (which I won’t be going to) is an afternoon, garden wedding. The reception is in the evening, adults only, open bar, it’s a nice venue. I got a black sweater to go over this dress – and I was going to wear black shoes & a black purse. Is this too formal? Is my mom right?

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Not at all – it looks great!

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I think it is. It’s kind of prom-y.

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If the wedding begins as an afternoon, garden ceremony and then moves to an evening reception, I think you’ve found the perfect dress. Your black sweater will subdue the dress for the afternoon event; later, you’ll be wearing something shiny and just right for a dinner/dance.

Have fun!

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If it looks good on, no one will mind.

I wouldn’t call it formal. Extravagant, maybe, but you want people to look at you, right?

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Yes, it’s a bit much. I agree with the answer above that’s it’s promy.

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I like the dress, and I think it would be fine for the afternoon garden wedding (you could wear a hat too), and then go on to the evening reception.

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You’re good, especially since all your accessories are black as well. That tones it down.

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The dress on it’s own looks like it would be perfectly acceptable.

However, how a dress fits your body type could make or break wearing it.

Is it possible that you look a little “ba-donk-a donk” when you wear it?

If it is a bit too sexy on..I’d opt for a different dress.

That said, I made the dread mistake of wearing white to someone else’s wedding…not once but twice, in my ignorant youth and they didn’t brand me on the forehead to mark me for all eternity as “that” dumb ass. I doubt they will tar and feather you regardless of what you wear.

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I think it’s perfectly fine for a wedding reception. It’s very pretty.

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I think it’s fine for a wedding reception.

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I am curious as to why you are not attending the actual wedding ceremony. After all that is what a “wedding” is! And why did you buy a dress that you had to disasemble in order to make it look presentable?

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@NanciDru Why the gratuitous criticism? Not necessary for answering the question.

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@NanciDru, depending on the ceremony venue, some brides have family only ceremonies, but then have a larger celebration for extended family and friends. A recent one hosted by a neighbor was because the bride wanted the ceremony to be simple – tea length dress, maid of honor/best man only. Bride’s family had a very small guest list, the groom’s family’s list was large, so the groom’s family is paying for the evening reception.

Satin fabric would not be appropriate for an afternoon ceremony, which you said you wouldn’t be attending anyways, but for an evening reception the dress is perfect! It says dance all night! to me.

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I agree with those who think there’s nothing wrong with it. As a lot of people already said, it would be too much for a daytime reception, but since it’s in the evening, it will work really well – especially with the little sweater you bought. Be confident and have fun. :)

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I think it looks great.

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Thanks for everyone’s opinion, I just hope I can manage to find the confidence to wear the dress now that I am so worried about it. It’s too late to find something else… and I had a hard time finding a dress at all (which is how I came to settle on this one in particular.) @NanciDru I live in a small city and it isn’t always easy to find what you’re looking for in the stores, especially if you aren’t trying to break the bank for something that might be worn once or twice.
@Merriment I wouldn’t call it “badonkadonk” at all. It comes down to my knees and the sweater that I intend to wear with it covers my back, shoulders, and my arms to my elbows. It is a halter neck, so it shows a bit of cleavage, but nothing startling – I have always been one to dress more on the modest side. I think the only “showy” thing about this dress is that the pink sash is bold. I actually laid in bed last night and contemplated altering the dress to make the tie around the waist black instead of pink. I may end up doing just that.

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Just my opinion, but I think it would be a shame to make it too monochromatic.

It is a happy festive occasion after all. If you really think the pink is too much or just not your thing, what about a different color to still give it that “punch”.

That’s the advantage of black and white. Any color looks good and isn’t in danger of clashing ( except bright orange which could look too Halloweenish :)

How about something like a royal blue or deep purple. Or a burgundy wine color. Still gives a contrast but not quite as glaring as the pink ( which I personally love)

You could even make it less of an intense jewel tone and go for a soft pastel like a lovely turqoise or salmon instead.

What is your favorite color? What colors look really good on you?

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I like the pink. I like the whole dress… I think it’s fun. I’m just self conscious about it now.
My favorite color is red. I look best in drab colors like grey, olive, navy. I look bad in all shades of purple. I love the idea of making it yellow, but I’m not sure that would be any more toned down than the pink.

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@TheOnlyNeffie – If the dress fits well and your cups don’t runneth over I’d forget worrying about the dress or changing it and instead get on board with feeling good about how I look in the dress.

It is a beautiful and fun looking dress. Just don’t let other people’s opinions make you feel self-conscious in it. Nothing spoils an outfit like the woman/girl looking uneasy about wearing it, tugging at it, or slumping over to be “invisible”.

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Thanks @Merriment , you really are 100% right.

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