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I smell bleach, why is this?

Asked by chels (6788points) May 19th, 2010

For some reason for most of the day today I’ve had the smell of bleach in my nose. It’s not the house because I could even smell it on the train and at the mall. My clothes smell normal.. So I’m not really sure what’s going on..

Any ideas?

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1. Do you have a mustache? Oops, you’re a girl (I think), probably not, eh?
2. Did you get bleach on your hands in the last 24 hours or so?
3. Are you having a seizure?

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1. No. LOL.
2. Nope.
3. Also no.

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Been in a swimming pool lately?

Lots of things have bleach in them. Household cleansers, toilet bowl cleaners, detergents. If I get even a little bit on my hands, it soaks into my dry skin and they stink of it for quite a while.

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No swimming. Also haven’t used any cleaning products.
Oh and it’s not my hands or skin that smells. The smell is just in my nose.

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@grumpyfish I’m allllllll woman, thanks! Hah!

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Either you’ve been near some bleach, inhaled strongly and gotten the scent “trapped” (I don’t know exactly what this entails—I suspect bits of it getting on your face or nose or something, but it happens sometimes with me and perfumes or bad room smells) or you could be having an olfactory hallucination and need to contact your doctor. The second option is highly unlikely.

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Are you taking prescription or illegal drugs? i would not expect you to answer this, but this may be your problem.

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@john65pennington Just birth control. Believe me, I’d admit if I was taking anything else cuz it’s a health issue :)

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As embarrassing as it sounds – talk to your doctor about this. It could be a sign of a brain tumor, or other medical related issue.

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Every so often I smell old bong water for no reason, usually when I’m driving. Don’t remove this! It’s absolutely true!! But it goes away right quick. I don’t worry about it too much, although it does bring back one very embarrassing memory of something that happened to me when I was in college….

Does this kind of thing happen to you often? If it doesn’t go away then yeah, you might want to talk to a Dr.

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I have the same problem. I think it is that I have a keen sense of smell and when people are around that smoke that is when I smell it. I work with customers and money and I think that is why It is on my hands and arms. I hope this helps you out

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