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Has anyone seen that video of the "bus baby"?

Asked by Val123 (12684points) May 19th, 2010

Apparently this happened about a year ago. A bus driver was driving along a semi-residential, semi-business avenue, at night when he saw something in the middle of the road. He stopped…and it was a baby (turned out to be 14 months old) sitting square in the middle of the road in nothing but a diaper. The driver got out, went over to the baby and stood there for a second, looking around. After a moment a guy came running out of a house next to the road, scooped the baby up and ran back inside without a word. SRS has been investigating.

Something that caught my attention, other than the baby in the road, was that when the father came running out he appeared to be pulling up his pants on the run…

What are your thoughts on this?

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you can see it here and you are right, dad does appear to be pulling up the drawers in the tape and certainly doesn’t say thanks or anything else to the driver who stopped in time . . . some people . . ..

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AH!! Thank you @Kayak8! I spend most of my computer time at work, and they have a “Watch guard” that stops you from looking at stuff, and that includes all videos! I clean forgot I could go find it here at home and post it!

Thank you for your response. That pulling-up-f-the-drawers thing kind of really bugged me….

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(I just clicked “Thank yourself” even though I knew what was going to happen, because I needed that note! Thanks Andrew & Co.!)

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Wow…that is just…

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I mean, it’s possible he was laying/sleeping/doing who knows what in his living room in his gutchies while his kid wandered out of the house. Who would take the time to actually put pants on before grabbing your toddler out of the path of a bus, however, is beyond me.

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No thoughts on it really.

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@TheOnlyNeffie Maybe since the bus was already stopped and the bus driver was standing there, the guy took the time to put his pants on. It’s not like he stopped to put his pants on when his kid was in the path of a _moving_bus. It probably would have only made things worse if he had run out there with his freak flag flying. :)

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It seems that he’s just holding them. I hold mine when I run because my jeans can become loose. Just a habit.

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@lillycoyote LOL, ok you make a valid point. I just can’t fathom taking the time to think of ANYTHING but getting the child out of the street. But it could be just me.

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@TheOnlyNeffie And he didn’t actually stop to put his pants on, he was still putting them on when he got to the baby.

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@lillycoyote you’re right, totally right. :)

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@TheOnlyNeffie I suspect that that is the kind of baby that doesn’t sleep except when it feels like it and wants to and can’t be trusted out your sight for a second, leaving it’s parent’s so sleep deprived and frazzled they probably don’t know which end is up anymore.

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Yes, @casheroo! It crossed my mind that maybe he was holding his britches up as he ran…but that too is just speculation. It’s hard to tell. I just…it was crazy! AND @lillycoyote it’s not very nice to call a man’s best friend a “freak flag”! Really, darling! Have you no sensitivity?!

@perspicacious That’s a thought too….the jury is still out, from what I hear. I mean, anyone with kids know that anything can happen, even to the best of parents…still, it was…strange….

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My son escaped from the house for the first time when he was only a little older than this baby. He was 17 months old, and not only opened the front door but unlocked the deadbolt too. He didn’t get very far, just sat on the front steps, and was only outside for a minute. He was the kind of toddler @lillycoyote described. I was afraid to go pee without taking him into the bathroom with me because of the things he could do in such a short amount of unsupervised time. Baby gates and locks were no match for him.

I’m willing to give the father in the video the benefit of doubt. Glad it didn’t happen to me, though!

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@MissAusten I know! I know it could happen! But…how freaky.

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@Val123 Sorry about the “freak flag” thing. I know it wasn’t nice but I was just tossing off an answer and searching through my brain for one of the ten thousand euphemisms for a man’s penis and that just came into my head and that was it.

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@lillycoyote You just made me laugh. AH gain! As always! (((hugs!!)))

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@Val123 Big, beefy hugs to you to my precious D {{{{{hugs}}}}}. We never seem to be on here at the same times. :(

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I know! But…I’m hardly here at all…anyways…

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@Val123 I came across something showing some other people with some parenting issues and though you might enjoy….

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@lillycoyote OMG! Although, the last one, the cage….well, urm…um…what’s wrong with That???

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