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How would you prepare this?

Asked by joni1977 (817points) May 22nd, 2010

A friend of mine gave me some wild caught Pacific salmon burgers. There are serving suggestions on the package, but this is totally new to me. I’m in the central time zone and the weather is great here. How would you prepare these burgers? Inside or outdoors? What are your seasoning preferences, garnishes…?

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I’d totally let the fish speak for itself. Throw them on the grill, top with lettuce, tomato and onion on a wheat bun. Maybe squeeze a little lemon on it.

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Make some Salmon burgers. There quite good, I make them all the time. Just throw them on the grill, season them with what ever seasoning that you what and prepare it like a normal hamburger.

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@Seek_Kolinahr and @Jelly are correct. A little pepper is all you probably need.

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Squeeze of lime, hint of garlic and a dash of corriander, steam in foil with a knob of salted butter and sear on the BBQ to finish. Serve on a warm ciabatta with tomato, rocket and houmous :-)

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I think I would not put them on a bun, but rather serve with a salad or maybe roasted potatoes and a gree veg like zuchini or green beans. the salmon burger sounds very yummy to me, I would just sprinkle a little salt. If you want something more than salt you could put a very think layer of dijon mustard and some plain or panko breadcrumbs and fry or bake it.

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I just saw I have a couple of typos, it should be very thin layer of dijon, and I did not mention that if you put just some salt grilling sounds ideal if that option is available.

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If they are frozen, I wouldn’t get your hopes up too high. I have tried preparing frozen fish SO many times to no avail. No matter what I’ve done, it just has an odd texture that ruins it for me. I’m no pro though – maybe there is some trick that I don’t know of. Anybody? Anybody?

Anyway, that aside, I also vote for grilling. Lemon, pepper, garlic salt might be nice… thyme, rosemary, butter might also be nice additions. Perhaps an aioli of some sorts in lieu of mayo.

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Dill and mayo wouldn’t be bad but Ms Seek’s suggestion seems right to me.

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