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How long does a tazer need to touch someone to have the desired effect?

Asked by RocketSquid (3470points) May 28th, 2010

Maybe not the full on-the-ground-crying effect, but maybe long enough to cause muscle to tense, or even cause considerable pain? Would such a thing be noticeable in, say, a baseball bat swing?

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According to the manual a half-second shock duration will cause intense pain and muscle contractions. 2–3 seconds will often cause the subject to become dazed and drop to the ground, and over 3 seconds will usually completely disorient an attacker for at least several seconds.

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The spark from a car ignition is about the same voltage and power except it is a very short duration – a few thousands of a seconds. I have been shocked with car ignition . It hurt but did not put me on the ground.

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It depends on what the desired effect is. Everyone that has a taser should be trained in its use. And most importantly, the person with the taser should have been tased themselves. You need to know what it’s like before you take it upon yourself to use it on another person.

The same concept is used with OC (pepper) spray. People aren’t nearly so trigger happy with that nasty stuff once they’ve been through it.

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@Divalicious Does it mean that a person is supposed to get shot before they get a gun?

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@gtreyger No, very few people don’t understand deadly force.

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@Divalicious I hate to say it, but I think you underestimate most people.

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