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What have you, will you do for Memorial Day to honor our soldiers?

Asked by Cruiser (40421points) May 31st, 2010

My sons and I helped their Boy Scout troop place flags at veterans grave sites on Saturday. What are you doing to honor our soldiers this weekend?

Thank you to all our Veteran Jellies!

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i don’t know, i find it difficult to honour people embroiled in dishonourable wars, despite their professionalism, bravery, sacrifice and naivety. After all, we were all young once and looking for adventure. Nothing personal i like the few veterans i have met, they have qualities i respect.

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I’ll have a little conversation with my father, who fought and was wounded and suffered for the rest of his life from the experiences he received in WWII. No, he’s not alive, but we talk.

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Wouldn’t it be best to help the veterans that are still alive?

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I will visit my dad’s grave.
He was a Marine.

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Raise a glass to fallen comrades. Visit my ancestors in the family graveyard who served back as far as the Revolutionary War, one of whom won the Medal of Honor at Petersburg in 1864.

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I’ll go put flowers on the graves of the fallen soldiers that I know.
Then call the soldiers that I know and thank them, and tell them that I still think about them daily.
My cousin and I will go to the retirement home later today and deliver food and flowers to the war vets and listen to whatever stories they are willing to share.

Then it’s back to my grandparents to raise a glass or 20 to everyone who has fought to keep us alive.

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@johnpowell: Not necessary to choose! However, because you brought it up, I’ll also call my friend who’s on lifetime disability for PTSD and congratulate him over coffee for the courage to keep himself more or less together for 30 years till finally someone forced him to go talk to someone at the VA. And then I’ll take it from there.

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I light a candle, I pray, I think about the people lost forever to their causes. I think about my distant past family and how they died in the war- not as soldiers, but as collateral and then I pray harder.

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I’ve been listening to wonderful poetry and remembrances by vets and their families on NPR. If you get a chance to listen, I highly recommend it.

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Put the flag out, pray for those serving and renewy prose never to allow society to treat returning soldiers the way
the young men of the Vietnam War were treated when
returning. It was disgraceful. I
grew up next to Fitzsimons
Army Base in Aurora, CO and these young men and women
gave their all for their country
and returned to a largely
ungrateful Nation. No war is
ever honorable but rarely is the
soldier the reason.

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We hang a flag and hope that someday no one will know what it stands for.

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I marched in three parades with my school’s marching band today.

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I flew the Canadian flag as well, for Megs family members who served and still serve.

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