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Has anyone had any problems with talc as a filler in tablets?

Asked by susieb (2points) June 9th, 2010

My doctor has changed the brand of my blood pressure medication Losartan potassium. I have been taking Cozaar for a few years now and all was fine. Recently I was given same Losartan potassium manufatured by Teva which upset my system totally. The doctor then gave me the same but by Actavis and symptoms continued and maybe even were worse. Has anyone else had same symptoms, I looked at ingredients and they seem to contain talc and macrogol which Cozaar don’t. Has anyone else had problems?

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Interesting. I am allergic to synthroid, but not other thyroid medications, and I think it must be some sort of inert ingredient.

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To the best of my knoledge, Talc is made mostly of Asbestus, which is very poisonous and considered to cause cancer

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I think it is only cosmetic grade talc that has been linked to being similar to asbestos but it does seem to be linked to cancer, especially ovarian cancer so I am very wary of having it in any medication especially as I already have ovarian cysts. Thank you for your response

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Well, for a start, pharmaceutical grade talc is made of nothing else except pure talc – NOT Asbestos! Talc is a soft platey mineral, asbestos is fibrous and much harder. Talc is chemically inert and virtually insoluble in acids, alkalis or water. It is added to tablets as a lubricants to ensure efficient tabletting. Its inertness is borne out by the fact that is commonly used as an ingredient in chewing gum. It is also commonly used in plastic products, films etc used for food packaging. Therefore I seriously doubt whether talc is causing the side effects you mention.

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