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My computer is behaving paradoxically?

Asked by DominicX (28762points) June 12th, 2010

This will probably become an orphan, but I thought I would at least try. I could ask my dad, but he’s already asleep and I need answers now!

My dad put 64-bit Windows 7 on my old Dell laptop, so none of the original Dell software exists. Because of this, I can’t control the touch-pad and it’s stuck on “tap to click”. A website I found on Google told me to download the Synaptics driver for Windows 7 and that would disable “tap to click”.

I went to Synaptics’ website and downloaded the version for 64-bit Windows 7 and when I try to run it it says that it is “not a valid Win32 application”. I thought I was running 64-bit Windows here.

I downloaded the 32-bit version and it says I need to download the 64-bit version. WTF?

Now I remember why I got a Mac…

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Just so this doesn’t become an orphan, is the problem just with the touch pad? If you attach a mouse does that work?

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Yeah, the “Mouse” icon on Control Panel works for adjusting settings with Bluetooth mice and such, which all work fine.

It’s just the touch-pad, which I can’t control with the Control Panel. It needs a special driver, which was originally provided by Dell, but since my dad put in a new hard drive, all the old drivers that came with Dell (including the one that controls the touch-pad) are gone and I need to download one off the internet, but it’s not working… :(

Are there any other drivers besides Synaptics that work?

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Just stick with the mouse. Touchpads lack the same finesse.

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Oh, I know. In general I hate touch-pads (the MacBook one is awesome, though). But I usually use this computer while lying on my bed and it’s easier to just use the touch-pad. I can live with tap-to-click, but I keep accidentally clicking things and I hate it! >.<

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Yes, really touch pad suck. If mine didn’t work I wouldn’t care at all. I always use a mouse.

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Best interface ever.
They also make mice that you control by moving your head.

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It’s so weird. I went to the list of devices and the touch-pad wasn’t even there. It’s like as far as my computer is concerned, there is no touch-pad.

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The good news is that the “not a valid Win32 application” error actually has nothing to do with the fact that you’re running a 64 bit OS, it just means windows can’t read the file you downloaded. It could just be a faulty download, the file might be bad, or just can’t be run by itself and needs another program to open it.

Are you sure you should be using synaptics? You might be better off grabbing some drivers from the Dell website. Here’s the Dell touchpad driver list, that might help out.

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Great link. I can just picture Dominic racing down to the nearest Neurosurgeon’s office to sign up. Just so he can have the luxury of using the comp. while lying in bed ~~

Might be a tad expensive though, dontcha think :D

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@Buttonstc Well, he does live in San Francisco. Stanford has some of the best medical facilities I’ve ever seen. He’s rich, too. No worries there. :D

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Ha ha. You are too much sometimes :)

Well, Dominic, just forget about struggling in vain with those pesky drivers.

Just go get yourself a neural implant and you’re set for life. Problem solved.

And you thought this would be an orphan thread :D

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And make sure that the implant has USB ports.

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