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If your loved one were kidnapped, what special knowledge would identify him or her?

Asked by Jeruba (51075points) June 13th, 2010

The kidnapper is on the phone. He won’t let you speak to your loved one. You require proof that the person is alive and well enough to answer a question. What question would you ask that only that person (or someone that close to you) could answer correctly and that the bad guys could neither guess nor research?

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I’d ask them if she can answer what is the dance called that i exclusively dance with her around.

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I’d ask her what our nickname is. We combined our names to form a new word. No one knows the word but us two.

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I would ask, if we both said something identical simultaneously, what would we do next simultaneously. Its a special hand gesture

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I’d ask her the name of the soundtrack for the freckled neck dance.

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This is a plot element in so many fictional dramas. Have you ever actually thought about what you’d say? People in the movies or TV shows always seem to be ready with the crucial question (along with some special language that reveals a telltale fact about the kidnappers)..

I’d ask my husband to name the cats we’ve kept in our household over the past 30+ years, starting with the one he had when I moved in and the ones I brought with me. My sons could name most of them. All of them are gone now.

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What is our favorite kinky place?

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What do I have tattooed on my ass?

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@Vunessuh See, that’s why I need pictures.

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For my husband, well, the easiest thing would be to ask them what is tattooed on his back. Even the people that know him really well miss a few of them.

If it’s a question they are supposed to ask him in my stead, and relay the answer to me… hm…. you know, you really run the risk of playing The Newlywed Game with that one. It would probably be something simple, like “what is my nickname”. That gives me a possible several answers, none of which are typical or guessable.

For my son, well, he’s not even two yet. I would demand the kidnappers name his birthmarks and scars.

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We have two code numbers. Besides me, only my wife and kids know them. One number means “in trouble”. The other means “OK”.
We came up with this code while traveling in “unsavory” countries. In my opinion, everyone should do this.

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I would tell her I hated her and if she laughed I would know shes o.k.

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If it was my mom, I would ask her the name of my favorite teacher.
If it was my sister, I would ask her my dad’s nickname for her as a kid.
If it was my GF, I would ask what her favorite song is.

I have to admit though, what with my tendency toward counter-counter measures, I really like @worriedguy‘s idea. I am curious how many digits are in your numbers?

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@worriedguy, that’s a great idea. I never thought of numbers, but when my kids were small I asked them to learn a “danger word.” It’s an ordinary word—the name of an animal—but not one that would come up in everyday conversation. If they heard me say it, even just worked into a normal-sounding sentence, they were to get serious at once and come to me and obey me without question, no fooling around. It was also meant as a code for trouble of any kind.

We rehearsed it, and once in a while I would test them. They never forgot it.

We didn’t ever have to use it, but it made me feel more at ease knowing it was in place.

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I’d need to know what brand of pig lips were the best.

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If it was my mom, there are a few things I could ask. If they could tell me what she said when my grandfather discovered her first tattoo, I’d know she was all right. Also, favorite book and favorite movie, together. I’m pretty sure I’m the only person who knows both of them. If I was still in doubt, I think if they told me what we call each color Volkswagen Beetle, I would know for sure.

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What menu did I receive that made me very angry?

I am a breakfast person. If I sleep in until 2pm, the first thing I will eat when I wake up is cereal. My first meal has to be breakfast. About two months after our first son was born, my husband and I went out to eat for the first time without our son. We went to a little diner for a late breakfast. I was very excited to get out of the house and have someone else cook a meal for me. I was given a breakfast menu, my husband received a lunch menu. It was exactly noon when our waitress asked for our order. As soon as I gave her my order, she grabbed my menu and said “I’m sorry. we don’t serve breakfast after noon. I accidentally gave you the breakfast menu”. I was so unhappy, it ruined our outing for me. My husband still teases me about that day.

I love this question @Jeruba.

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Uh-oh, @jonsblond, you’ve given it away. I hope @blondesjon can think of something else because now all the kidnappers in the world are going to know how to get around you.

But at least we know what not to do when you come to our house for breakfast.

Thank you.

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What was my favorite museum in Paris?

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I had many loved ones in my life. But to identify them I just need them to speak my(I mean ‘our’ language). Not many people in my country know our ethnic Chinese/Kantonese language.

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My (wonderful, bless her) daughter and I have our text thing we do – which can be translated to speech as well. With my son, I’d know instinctively as soon as he said anything.


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Great question! It’s kind of a difficult one for me, because I tell everyone everydamnthing about me. Maybe I’m narcissistic? So it would have to be something about them, which would make it different in every case. For my husband, I’d ask him which trees appear to glow, or what tree his mother prizes above all others. For my children, I’d ask what our ‘country folk’ nick-names are. Or, what is the name of that butt-biting fish?

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Some of you guys are missing the part about the kidnapper being on the phone and not letting you speak to the kidnapped person.

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I’d demand a body part.

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@Jeruba But if the kidnapper can’t convince you about the one he’s been kidnapping or if he/she misinterprets your words then of course you don’t want to save that person. The problem is will you trust the kidnapper? Without being able to speak or hear the familiar voice I’m sure it’ll be risky and hard. And I’m sure you won’t risk to lost your loved one. They usually will allow their kidnapped one to speak as a ‘proof’ to convince you,and part of their plan is to convince you the best they could so they will make sure you’ll fulfill their demand in return. And as I said “No proof no money”. It won’t be a deal.

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Ratboy’s hysterical remark reminded me of this. Yay for youtube

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@Doctor_D, this is a speculative question and not a matter of practical planning for a real kidnapping emergency. My interest is in the question you’d ask and not in strategies for dealing with kidnappers.

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