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Should i break up with my girl friend? part 2

Asked by anonymous (5points) March 17th, 2008

We have been together for almost 7 months, she was a dick the first few but now she is perfect. but i cant forget the dickyness of the first few months and it really fucks with me. we always fight because we are both over jealous and i find myself always checking out other girls and thinking about talking to them and maybe trying to hang out wtih them. i am 18 and she is 16.

after everyones responses i did some thinking, that she isnt perfect. she used to be like she was into me 100% and our lives were fun and exiting, now she comes over and we is like lets take a nap !!! and im like anything but that, hell lets go to the zoo. i feel like im just wasting my time now when im with her and i feel the urge to cheat on her sometimes or just meet other girls and have hte “i just met a new girl” flirty exiting feeling again since i have no excitement anymore.

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I think you already know the answer.

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1.youre going off to college next year, and im sure you dont want to wait around for some sophomore to graduate. wish too see other people, so why not do it?
3.breaking up with her would make your life a hell of a lot easier without checking in to tell her who youre with, where youre at, how long youll be there, and how many girls are present.
4.seeing other girls would make her go crazyyyy—fun to watch right??
&5.hope shes not ruining your “LIVE UP YOUR LAST FEW WEEKS OF HIGH SCHOOL!”


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Yes (part 2).

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Yeah, this is case closed kind of stuff. Not a good match.

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Why are you repeating this question? If you’re not happy with her, break up.

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Ya know, why worry so much if you hurt her feelings? She is only 16? Believe me you won’t be the first or the last. Meanwhile enjoy your life. You still have a long ways to go, always keep open the possibility of something better coming along. When the right one does, you’ll know it and you won’t have to ask a million people what to do.

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if you start asking that question youshould absolutely break up. But if you feel you can’t live without her, just accept the bad and stay together.

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You’re young, you shouldn’t be all bored in this relationship. Go meet some other girls cuz your gf is not the one for you. She should be entertaining you or smthing.
I think you know what to do…

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At your age, I would drop her and concentrate on yourself instead of other girls, or just do whatever you want but make sure it’s genuine.

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