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Full time college and school

Asked by ppcakes (457points) March 17th, 2008

so im in school full-time and i just got offered a full-time job also, does anyone have any experience with this, any opinions?

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bad idea if you want to maintain good grades and/or decent social life. I am currently taking 21 hours (17 credit) and work only 12 hours a week. Add homework and—for me—there is little time for anything else.

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What are you studying? How close are you to graduating? What kind of job were you offered? I would think that if you got offered a very good f/t job w/o a degree, you will be able to find a similar one with the degree.

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i’m currently studying fashion design, this is going to be my third quarter, i’m taking mostly academics. I was offered a job in a hole in the wall store and he seems very demanding, i’m not sure if i will be able to keep up with what he wants. i’m very far from graduating. Its only $8.00 an hour and i have applied to about 20 other places, no one is really hiring.

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I’d definitely say not to do it based on that.

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Your academic skills and your degree in FD will give you far better than $8.00. If you need some ready money now, can’t you get part-time work like baby sitting, dog walking, house cleaning, or other easy stuff?

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i think im going to try out the job and see how much i like it. if my grades begin to drop or i cant handle it i’m just going to let them know that i can’t do it.

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Good luck, then.

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thank you bunches =]

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Unless you really need the money or it’s your dream job, I wouldn’t do it. But good luck.

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its definitely not my dream job, its a regular retail job but currently the only place hiring.

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I have a lot of experience with this, and unless this job somehow creates career or learning opportunities that will pan out in the future, I’d say don’t do it – but it sounds like you’re going to give it a shot anyway.

If you need the money, hang out in this position for a little while, and in the meantime, start looking for a job very specifically in your field where you have less responsibility and stress, or start seeking a paid internship. You want to start thinking about your next move after school.

Your hours spent outside of school are incredibly valuable right now, and make sure you make the most out of them

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