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Places to shop for clothes online with size accurate models/tools? (women)

Asked by Brittanys678 (6points) June 20th, 2010 from iPhone

Hello, I buy a lot of my clothes online and I  am tired of buying clothes only to find they don’t fit as I thought they would. I would love to find some sites that offer any of the following: a video/picture someone modeling the actual product on that page. There is a feature called “catwalk” on that is a good example. A way to see someone in a size at least close to mine modeling anything from the store, to see if things run small/large etc. Anything with the models size reported would be helpful to a degree  Most places only have perfectly proportioned girls modeling and I just seem to keep getting burned, I mean I know my sizes and such things just don’t fit like I expect them to. I am a size 34dd which is where most of my issues happen. Specifically I am looking for swimwear but any type of clothing store like this is helpful. Thank you!!!

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J. Jill and L.L. Bean have pretty accurate size models.

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I usually go for ebay when I know what I want.

augustlan's avatar has a tool where you can enter your measurements (or sizes, I can’t remember), hair color, etc. and it’ll make a virtual model of you. Most clothes (including swimsuits) are able to be shown on the model. I found it pretty helpful.

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@augustlan “We’re sorry. My Virtual Model™ is no longer available.” darn! That is exacty what I was looking for!

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And the Virtual Model, while good in general, didn’t function well with larger sizes. When I was 200 lbs., it couldn’t compute sizes for my 5’ 1” frame. Poor thing didn’t know what to do with roly-poly!

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Thank you all for your Helpful answers. Are there other places like this or specifically for d+ for swim that are maybe skewed younger?

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My chest is large too. The one bathing suit that fits me well is from Victoria’s Secret…This bikini top. They have other colors as well.

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FigLeaves is my go-to for bras, lingerie and occasionally swimsuits. Most of their products have reviews and they have a size/style search- plus the most sizes I’ve found online. I’ve ordered from them a few times and the longest it took was three days, possibly because I placed the order on a Saturday night.

I get my work out clothes and most of my swimwear from Junonia and they use models that actually fit the clothes. Incredible swimsuits. I don’t know what size you wear- but they sell separates so you could buy a top to fit and purchase the bottoms at another location.

@tedibear The virtual model didn’t know what to do with me either. Almost gave me a heart attack when I first used it. Had to ask Hubbs if that was what I really looked like!

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Pretty much everything I own clothing-wise was purchased at Talbot’s, Victoria’s Secret, and Merritt. All 3 are sold locally, so I’ve been able to find out what sizes of theirs fit me by trying them on. I now order from all 3 online.

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I second Victoria’s Secret for accurate bra top sizes. When I was a 34dd then that’s where I was able to find bras that fit and clothes to fit. I learned that if I could get the boob part of clothes dialed in that altering seams for the bodice and hips was a cinch. I usually go to the site and bookmark items I like and then do a google search for the name of them and buy based on price and shipping because ebay gets a ton of VS clothes.

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i usually prefer to shop at where they have accurate sizes… they have amazing fit and usually look the same when you try them on… the clothes are worn by models so that you know what to expect… hope this helps… :)

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