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What should I do before I go salmon fishing?

Asked by dindinbaby (329points) June 23rd, 2010

I won a trip through work (yes I have a great job) that will send me to Canada (near Vancouver) to go salmon fishing for a week. I am not a big fisherwoman, but have fished for striper on Texoma, trout in Yellowstone, catfish on the Verdigris River, and more crappie than i can count. My question is, what do I need to know before I go, so that I don’t look like the new girl on the boat? The trip will be outfitted, so I don’t need any equipment. What equipment will I be using? Is there any special terminology specific to salmon fishing? Any techniques that would beneficial for me to learn before I go?

Calling all outdoors-men, HELP!

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My brother uses flies to catch salmon and also brings bear spray ;)

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Wear insect repellent. Seriously, the mosquitos have fangs this year.

Lucky you. British Columbia is a beautiful province. Welcome to Canada!

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Where do you work?!

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First, you need to invite me. :-)

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I’m a salesman and my plus one is my husband, sorry!

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Wear sunblock. The glare of the water will burn you!

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Just bring layers of clothing as temps up there can swing big time. A good hat and mosquito net would not hurt otherwise the guide will give you everything to make your arms nice and tired from reeling in huge Salmon.

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What about a fishing license?

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I got seasick when I went salmon fishing. Never did anytime else, so it’s not that I’m particularly sensitive. Maybe some seasickness meds just in case might be a good idea.

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@eden2eve : where did you go?

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It was off the coast of Washington, I think it was Port Angeles. Looong time ago.

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I caught two, one pretty good sized. It was a blast!

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NO it was Westport.

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