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How can I "revive" Velcro?

Asked by silverfly (4045points) June 29th, 2010

I have a wrist guard and the velcro is not nearly as sticky as it used to be. I’ve tried to rough it up by rubbing the opposing ends together and it helps a little, but only temporarily. Is there any way to revive what used to be very adhesive velcro?

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Comb out the plastic part to remeove any fabric that is stuck in it.

Light a match and quickly pass the fuzzy side over the heat to remelt the fibers. Try it on a small spot first.

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@worriedguy Just tried it, works well!

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@beccalynnx Yes, it does. You can also use a candle as the heat source. The velcro will be good as new. Enjoy.

@silverfly Did you try it yet?

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@worriedguy Not yet… It’s on my to do list. :) Thanks!

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@worriedguy I just did it. It actually made it worse! This is what I have. Not sure why it lost it’s stick so fast. The damn brace was 20 bucks.

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@silverfly You just have to give it a touch. Enough to melt the stray fibers. IF you go too long it rounds them

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