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Need help with iphone 3gs running OS4!

Asked by joon1986 (185points) July 3rd, 2010

I got an problem since I upgraded to OS 4
My phone turns itself off very randomly
It was running okay until that upgrade so I am pretty sure it is not a hardware issue…but after restoring the phone 4 times already in past few days…I don’t know what I should do next
I could send this over to apple but I want to fix this myself if that’s possible (so I can save few bucks)
any one with same issue and resolve the problem??
or any idea what I could do???

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It’s a new release of a new OS. There will be some bugs to fix. Hold out until Apple releases ios4.1 or ios4.0.1, to patch & fix known issues.

It’s always better to wait & not download the latest release, as it will always have bugs. I usually wait on buying/downloading a new OS until they have released a few updates. I didn’t get Mac OSX Snow Leopard until a few months after it’s release & they had already issued many updates.

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that’s what I usually do but this time I had no chance as my phone was crashing and I had to restore my phone somehow
Like you said…I will wait till next version comes out and see if that fixes my problem
thanks again^^

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They issued an apology lately for the crappy update and the antenna issues for the iPhone 4. Supposedly, there is supposed to be a patch coming shortly to fix the new OS problems on the earlier iPhone models and such.

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thanks for the info
I am kinda glad that I am not the only person with this issue
Hope Apple comes up with solution ASAP
Meanwhile I gotta put my sim card into my old phone…:(

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Well I updated (3GS) and have had no problems what so ever.

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I checked apple forum and found out there are tons of people with similar issues
guess u r very lucky :)

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Is this a good time for me to start laughing?

While it’s true that the newest version isn’t always the greatest (especially a major revision ending in 0, like 4.0), I have to wonder if they did any sort of testing before releasing either the iPhone 4 or iOS 4.

That said, I think you are pretty much stuck until 4.0.1

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@jerv of course they did some testing! That’s how they managed to lose a prototype in a bar for Gizmodo to find. Maybe if the testers had spent less time in bars things would have been different.

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@Lightlyseared This is why I like massively collaborative open-source things like Linux; unlike a small corporate department, it’s unlikely that the entire development team is drunk, stoned, or stupid and there are millions of testers that will let you know when you screw up before you get to a final release.

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I know that there are many computers running Linux, but just for curiosity, are there any PHONES running Linux ? Do we really have a choice where phones are concerned?

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@Buttonstc Android is based on a modified Linux kernel, so yes, we do have a choice. In fact, we have quite a few and more are coming; HTC Droid Incredible and Droid Eris, Motorola Droid and the upcoming Droid2 and Droid X… and those are just the ones I can think of off he top of my head without actually putting too much thought into it.

And in the first quarter of 2010, Droid phones outsold iPhones 28% to 21% in the US, so it’s not like it’s really all that obscure.

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l…I post this for help….....but who cares…lol
I had no choice but to restore since I couldn’t restore to 3.13 for some reason back then
now I am stuck with this problem till APPLE comes up with new version of OS…
I am not a Apple guy but I really enjoyed having this device
but it seems like it’s time for me to have a taste of Android
any phone in particular you guys recommend???
I quite like the design and UI of sony x10 (but running android 1.6…..can it be upgraded to newer OS ???)

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@joon1986 Tastes differ, as do teh phones available by carrier, so I hesitate to recommend a specific phone, especially since the two I am most intrigued by are not yet out.

I will say that I personally am leaning towards the Droid Incredible; a candy-bar phone with Android 2.2 on the Verizon network. Hell, the Incredible has an 8-megapixel camera so I might replace that and my old Sansa e280 with the phone as well! However, to avoid paying $$$$$$$$, I will likely wait a couple more months until I get an upgrade, and by that time the Droid X will be out, and the Droid X looks even more incredible. Meanwhile, those that want/need a full QWERTY keyboard will like the Droid2, a nice update on the old Motorola Droid that will bring it on-par with the Incredible.

As for the Sony X10… I have heard little about that particular phone, but I think that this might give you a clue. Looks like you’ll wait a while to get the old 2.1 on that phone. I guess there is a reason that most of the Android phones you hear about are Motorola or HTC ;)

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I did some researches on Android phones and now I am down to only few phones
sony X10 is out of my list :)
like you recommended Droid X looks amazing and it is so far my favorite
I also liked EVO 4g and droid incredible….and maybe samsung galaxy S
only thing that I am worried about is OS update
What I found out earlier this morning is that new OS (2.3) is coming out this fall and wondering any of the phones that came out at this time would be able to run it and be eligible to be upgraded….I know most phones will be get an update to 2.2 shortly…but 2.3??

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