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My eye color has changed. What has happened?

Asked by MaryW (1726points) July 10th, 2010

My iris’ are brown and I now have the iris’ about a 3rd covered around the outside edge with a green ring that actually makes my eyes look green.
Does anyone know what has happened. I am sure it took time but I really only just noticed it. I am puzzled and amazed. It does not hurt and I can see ok.

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Most people’s eye colour changes with the weather have you had any abnormal weather lately?

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@kapuerajam Thanks, The color is not a reflection it is an extra layer.

@MissA Thanks cute comment, and I did google it and found nothing.

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The only time I have heard of anything like this happening was because of some sort of mineral excess or deficiency. I would be very interested in hearing the outcome of this question.

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Eye color can change over time because of age or, unfortunately, disease.

Eye disease is a cause of color change. So, ask a doctor to examine your eyes if you notice a slow loss of color. The change could be due to Fuch’s heterochromic iridocyclitis, Horner’s Syndrome, and pigmentary glaucoma, says Brian DeBroff, ophthalmology professor at Yale University.

Aging, however, is the usual cause of color change over time.

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See a doctor to rule out Wilson’s disease which is a build up of copper in the body.

Look at some samples of the iris ring here
Note that in brown eyes the copper can take on a greenish tint.

Wilsons is totally manageable if it is indeed your issue. Medications are needed to rid the body of extra copper that the body is not longer removing. If left untreated it can cause serious issues.

It may not be your issue at all but it is very easy to check for and rule out. Keep us posted either way okay?

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Red irritated eyes can make the iris look a different color as can super high cholesterol. My Grampa had a ring of Blue around his eyes we later learned was from bad health, my mom has the same around her eyes now.

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Here is another image of Wilsons.
As others have said you may not have the Kayser-Fleisher ring that indicates Wilsons at all. I just put it out there as a possibility.

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Wow, I will check out the Wilson thing although I just looked and the ring is blue and I have no nerve symtoms. Thanks @Dog I just realized that I have two at the edge(blue) and another (green) just inside it. So I’ll check cholesterol thanks @Neizvestnaya , minerals @Ron_C and get an eye appt. @MissA

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I knew a girl once whose eyes would shift from green to blue if ever she cried. They’d go back to green on their own.

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I have noticed a ring around my husbands eye as well. He’s seen a doc and he was told his vision is getting worse. Its from old age. I believe the use of certain medications can also cause changes but I’m not sure. I remember reading somewhere that steroids can have some affect but I can’t swear by that. I know eye illness can as already mentioned.
It could also be you also changed the lighting in the room from a yellow light to a blue or white light.

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My brown eyes regularly appear to be green if my eyes are irritated, by crying or allergies, etc. Maybe you just never looked at them when they’re irritated? If that’s the case, no problem. If not, definitely go to the doctor.

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My eyes were a brown so dark, they appeared almost black when I was younger. As I have gotten older, the brown has lightened (which sounds better than faded) to an almost greenish-brown. How long has it been since you’ve paid attention to the color of your irises?

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@syz It was about eight months (when I gave up wearing mascara), until 10 seconds ago. Some of these posts about it being health-related are a bit worrisome.

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it happens to me to my theory is it has to do with emotion and outlook on life.

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I have no answer, but I do have a theory. You say you stopped wearing mascara a few months ago. There must have been a reason. I doubt boredom. If mascara was bothering you, and you qit perhaps the color change is a delayed sign that you needed to quit wearing the mascara. If your doctor doesn’t find something else to be the cause, perhaps you could ask if this is a possibility.

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