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What's the name of that "classic" board game featuring plastic fruit?

Asked by andrew (16375points) July 10th, 2010 from iPhone

It’s either apples or cherries, and it’s in the same vein as cooties or don’t break the ice. The name had some apostrophizing in it.

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hi ho cherrio?

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Hi Ho – Cherry-O!

Now that song’s going to be in my head all night.

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Damn, they beat me. But it sounds like Cherry-O.

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Fruit?? Oh yeah, I had that game…spin the thingy and put cherries in your bucket.

and mousetrap…..was the bomb.

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MOUSETRAP! Best board game commercial jingle ever.

Turn the crank, and snap the plank – boot the marble right down the chute. Then watch it roll and hit the pole – knock the ball into the rub-a-dub tub which flips the man into the can. The trap is set – here comes the net!

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