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How do you stop a hedgehog from pooping on you?

Asked by hedgehogluvr (8points) July 11th, 2010

Hi, I just got a hedgehog 3 days ago. I left her alone the first day and picked her up the second day and she pooped a runny, goopy, greenish poop on me. It’s only runny, green, and gross when she goes on me. (It’s normal in her cage) The pet store says she’s a baby. Is it normal? and how can I stop it?

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My guess would be that the hedgehog is scared shitless when she is being picked up by a human and because she gets stressed she empties her bowels.

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@rebbel lmao….

Yes, she is nervous….Sadie (my dog in my avatar) was that way for the first week. Now, she feels right at home!

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wash it off…give her love.

My old dog has poop issues, but we still love each other madly!!!!

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Let the thing acclimate. :D

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