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Whats the best brand for car GPS system

Asked by lenny (80points) March 19th, 2008 from iPhone
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We have Garmin and it’s not all that reliable. So I don’t know the best one, but I’m almost positive Garmin isn’t it….

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Oh, I totally disagree w/ tali. I’ve had 3 garmins and I love them. Best UI of any GPS—and I did a 2 month search. I’ve had better quality with the Streetfinder series rather than the Nuvi, though.

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I have a Garmni Nuvi 200 and it works great. It even speaks to me in a British accent. What could be better?

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We have done a lot of travelling with it and have found that it works differently in different states. In California, it was too fast, rendering us very lost. Im Massachussetts, it was too slow and didn’t say which street to turn on to just “turn left” or “turn right”—also getting us rather lost.

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I’m kind of partial to TomTom.

I made my selection based on ease of use and the ability to update and customize my preferences.

No GPS, from what I understand, is 100% ie. points of interest may be off a few feet or greater, but very few things prevent the user from getting from point A to point B. I would suggest you continue to read user reviews and go to your local electronics store and play around with a few display models. (Most retailers honor a return policy if you’re not satisfied.)

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